Karin Chhimwal

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Missing From: Old Delhi Train Station, India
Missing Since: 05/23/16
Age at Disappearance: 45
Height: 5’3
Weight: 122
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Clothing: Wearing a Pink Sari

Details of Disappearance:
Karin Chhimwal, missing from Old Delhi Train Station, last seen Gate 2, Kashmiri ticket house, May 23 2016 at 4:30 PM. She hasn’t been seen or heard from since and her case remains unsolved.

Investigative Agency
Delhi Police- Missing Person Squad ( India)
Missing Person Squad ( India)

Hindi Translate of the above English
पुरानी दिल्ली रेलवे स्टेशन, भारत से लापता
के बाद से लापता : 05/23/16
लापता होने पर आयु: 45
ऊंचाई: 5’3
वजन: 122
भूरी आखें
काले बाल
पहनावा: एक गुलाबी साड़ी पहने हुए

लापता होने का विवरण:
कैरिन Chhimwal , पुरानी दिल्ली रेलवे स्टेशन से लापता है, पिछले गेट 2 , कश्मीरी टिकट घर , 23 मई 2016 को 4:30 PM पर पोस्टेड देखा । वह नहीं देखा गया है या सुना के बाद से और उसके मामले अनसुलझी बनी हुई है।

जांच एजेंसी
दिल्ली पुलिस दस्ते व्यक्ति लापता (भारत)
+ ( 91) -11-23968730
लापता व्यक्ति दस्ते ( भारत)
+ ( 91) -11-23261048
+ ( 91) -11-23241210

puraanee dillee relave steshan, bhaarat se laapata
ke baad se laapata : 05/23/16
laapata hone par aayu: 45
oonchaee: 53
vajan: 122
bhooree aakhen
kaale baal
pahanaava: ek gulaabee sari pahane hue

laapata hone ka vivaran:
kairin chhhimwal , puraanee dillee relave steshan se laapata hai, pichhale get 2 , kashmeeree tikat ghar , 23 maee 2016 ko 4:30 pm par posted dekha . vah nahin dekha gaya hai ya suna ke baad se aur usake maamale anasulajhee banee huee hai.

jaanch ejensee
dillee pulis daste vyakti laapata (bhaarat)
+ ( 91) -11-23968730
laapata vyakti daste ( bhaarat)
+ ( 91) -11-23261048
+ ( 91) -11-23241210

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FBI offers $25,000.00 reward in ’09 Brittanee Drexel case; Rochester teen likely killed

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The Brittanee Drexel case is now considered a homicide, seven years after the Rochester teen went missing while on spring break with friends in South Carolina.

The FBI announced Wednesday that Drexel, who was 17 when she was last seen at a Myrtle Beach hotel in April 2009, was likely held against her will and killed. Authorities are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

“We’ve known [she’s dead] for some time,” FBI Special Agent in Charge David Thomas said, according to the Democrat & Chronicle. “But in the interest of trying to protect the parents and still maintain hope that we could bring her back alive, we’ve kept that information…”

Thomas did not elaborate on how long “some time was,” but a lawyer for Brittanee’s parents told South Carolina’s The State newspaper that the Drexels were first informed it was a homicide on Tuesday. Even in 2014, authorities were searching for the teen in Georgetown County, near where Drexel’s cell phone sent its last signal in 2009.

According to the AP, investigators concluded that Drexel was likely killed near McClellanville, a fishing hamlet about 60 miles outside of Myrtle Beach and 15 miles from where her mobile device stopped transmitting, near the South Santee River. Thomas said she was likely alive in the area for up to five days, and asked anyone with information to contact the FBI.

13WHAM reports billboards with Brittanee’s picture have already been put up, with the reward offer included. Investigators also plan to go door-to-door, asking questions near where she was last seen.

“There’s probably more than one person who knows more than I know,” her father Chad Drexel told the Rochester TV station. “That’s why I’m so upset and emotional.”

“After seven long years of waiting and praying for the return of my daughter, we know she isn’t coming home alive,” his wife Dawn Drexel added in a press conference. “Brittanee’s life was stolen from her in a brutal and senseless fashion. I need your help in bringing the people responsible for her death to justice.”

Authorities wouldn’t say if they have identified any suspects, according to WHEC, but did threaten to charge anyone who withholds information in the case.

“We think we are at the point where one or two small pieces of information could put us over the edge. We’re reaching out to those people that may have information,” Thomas said.


Brittanee Drexel website – Submit a confidential tip

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact: FBI 1-800-Call-FBI or CUE Center For Missing Persons 24 Hour Tip Line 910-232-1687

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