Alice Donovan is Found

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bildeAlice Donovan is Found…Monica Caison, FBI Agent Jeff Bruning and search team exit the search zone after the recovery of human remains.

Movie made by Alice Donovan’s daughter Angie.


6 Responses to “Alice Donovan is Found”
  1. I try to say some words of comfort and it is hard to tell a parent what it must feel, only that parent and family only knows the loss of a child. I offer my prayers and sincere thoughts that I am sorry for what the family has went through. I am glad that Alice was found and she can be put to rest.

  2. cathy khan says:

    Why does this Fulks guy have a web page, with pictures of him and his son? He’s asking for pen pals to write to him before his execution. I hope he rots in hell! Why is this murdering bastard allowed to use the internet???

  3. Angie says:

    Thank you (((hugs))) Monica, all CUE volunteers, FBI agents, conway police, Horry County police and everyone who made this day possible for our family!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bill Widman says:

    I have something here that I would like you all to see.

    I think you should display this somewhere.

    Outstanding job on that video!