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Please request an application if you are interested in becoming a part of the team as a State Outreach Coordinator (SORC) applications are still being accepted until March 3, 2017, thank you. Contact

State Outreach Coordinator

The SORC program was developed in March of 2012 to be an extension of CUE Center’s service to communities across the nation offering available people on the ground when a person becomes missing.

To have a person closer to a region to access the case needs and aid in the delivery of support and resources to each circumstance.

Bring forth a better understanding of crisis help, funding needs and offering an awareness of missing persons and issues in their respective states.

• Program Goals: Launch in March of 2012
Objective: to offer more efficient help on the ground to aid a missing person case – to network and build additional professional volunteer resources in more states for a wider reach – to obtain more funding on a national level – to successfully recover more missing persons – to foster the spirit of dedicated volunteerism – to gain more support for awareness of issues concerning victims left behind

CUE Center for Missing Persons
PO Box 12714
Wilmington, NC 28405
Office (910) 343-1131 24      Hour Line (910) 232-1687

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5 Responses to “Become a CUE State Outreach Coordinator”
  1. Pamela Clark says:

    I would very much like to help in any capacity that I can be of use.

  2. Cecilia Noble says:

    Such a large number of people disappear everyday we all need to pull together to help bring our missing home. I have filled out a volunteer form and anxious to help in any way needed.

  3. Toni Caleb says:

    I would love to be a coordinator for the state of WI; however, I have no qualifications and am not sure of what you require. In addition, I am not sure if WI already has a coordinator. In any event, I would be more than willing to complete any training to be eligible. Thank you so much for any opportunity you can provide me with to help with this cause.