Brandi Wells

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Missing Since: 08/03/06
Missing from: Longview, Texas
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date of Birth: 11/28/82
Age at disappearance: 23
Weight: 120 – 130 pounds
White Female
Clothing/Jewelry Description: A floral print brown and cream-colored tube top with a V cut over the hip, rust-colored gaucho pants, black strapless high-heeled sandals with a floral applique.
Distinguishing Characteristics:Wells’s nicknames are Blinky and Boo. She blinks frequently. Her hair was slightly below her shoulders at the time of her disappearance, without bangs. Her ears are pierced one time each, and she has French tips on her fingernails. Wells broke her left thumb at age ten and had a pin implanted, but the pin was removed after the injury healed.

Details of Disappearance
Wells was last seen in Longview, Texas on August 3, 2006. She planned to go to a pawnshop to get some money, but ended up going to Graham Central Station, a nightclub, instead. Wells is known to have arrived at the club at 10:30 p.m. She was unfamiliar with the area where the club was located, and had to call them several times to ask for directions. By the time she got there, her car was almost out of gasoline and she asked other customers for assistance, but it is unclear whether anyone offered to help her. She left alone shortly after midnight. She was not intoxicated at the time. She has never been heard from again.

Wells’s black four-door 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix, which has the Texas license plate number J50ZTD and damage to the passenger side just above the front wheel, disappeared with her. It was found five days later parked westbound on Interstate 20 at Texas Highway 31, just outside of Longview and 300 yards west of FM 2087. Inside were some of her personal belongings, including her wallet, purse and her ex-boyfriend’s nonfunctional cellular phone. There was no sign of Wells at the scene and no indications of a struggle, but the driver’s seat was reportedly pushed back, as if someone taller than Wells had driven it last. After Wells disappeared, there was some activity on her own cellular phone, which had disappeared with her. Three people found the phone and used it. All three individuals took a polygraph test; one of them, a man, failed it. The man has not been publicly identified, and though he has been interviewed multiple times by police, he has not been called a suspect in Wells’s case.

At the time of her disappearance, Wells resided with a roommate in Brownsboro, Texas. She is a graduate of Chapel Hill High School and, in August 2006, was looking forward to starting a new job at Wal-Mart and starting classes at Trinity Valley Community College. She dreamed of a career as a kindergarten or first-grade schoolteacher. Wells may have been taken against her will and foul play is possible in her disappearance. Her case remains unsolved.

Investigating Agency
Longview Police Department

Mysterious man claims missing East Texas woman is alive

March 10, 2010
TYLER (KYTX) – The mother of a missing East Texas woman claims she may have received a break in her daughter’s disappearance.

Brandi Wells disappeared from a Longview nightclub three and a half years ago. Her mother, Ellen Tant, says a man named “Tim” called her this weekend claiming Brandi was alive and living in Kansas City, Missouri.

The call was disconnected before Ellen could get any more information. Now she’s pleading for the man to call her back.

“You know you kind of wonder if this could be a good lead, but then it’s the only hope I’ve had in 3 and a half years that she’s alive and well. So it’s all I’ve got so I’m going to run with it,” explained Tant.

Brandi Wells was last seen at Graham Central Station in Longview.

If you have any information on this case please contact CUE Center For Missing Persons using the contact form below or contact Cue Center at (910) 343-1131 24 hour tipline (910) 232-1687.

All information submitted to CUE Center For Missing Persons is confidential.

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27 Responses to “Brandi Wells”
  1. Samantha Cyr (Wells) says:

    I miss my sister, come december I will be the age that SHE was when she went missing, and she went missing when I was 17 when it happened. Im still detemined to find her one way or another.

  2. Lee Moats says:

    I just watched the show disapeared and it was on Brandi, I hope and pray her family will get answers so they can lay her to rest.

  3. Nicolena Engelman says:

    I just watched the story of Brandi on the Show Disappeared. I am saddened that this mother and family still have no answers. But I am pleased to hear that the non profit Organization is still out there looking for her. I hope she finds her way home soon or at lest her mother can get some new in Kansas City….Never let Hope Fail!

  4. Christine Monaghan says:

    I just watched Brandi’s story on ID. The man in The cowboy hat walking out of the club behind Brandi on the surveillance camera looks very suspicious to me. It looked as if he looked to the right then looked to the left, then it looked as if he motioned with his left hand towards Brandi. Also, earlier in the show they mentioned that the drivers car seat was positioned far back. If Brandi were driving the car from the club that night her feet would not be able to reach the pedals. The man in the cowboy hat looked very tall to me. One more thing that I noticed on the program was that Brandi was not carrying her purse when she entered the club. This leads me to believe that she left her purse and cell phone in the car. Maybe Brandi was abducted in the parking lot by another party who was involved with the man in the cowboy hat. After Brandi was abducted the man in the cowboy hat drove the car to the side of the interstate. There appeared to be no struggle in the car or around the car which leads me to believe that the person driving the car parked it and walked away. Maybe through the woods to that road.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to Brandi and her family <3

  5. Christopher Weichman says:

    I would absolutely agree with Christine in the last post. I notice this detail as soon as they said her shadow moved in the same direction as the cowboy did. At this point you cannot discredit or count this idea out! She holds the door for him looking over her right shoulder to make sure he is clear and walks straight mistakenly not knowing where he is parked or going then turns left after he says something to her. You can’t tell that he looks her way and says something to her. I believe this prompts her to turn and walk left. I am sorry for your loss and hope that in some way shape or form you one day soon have closer. My prayers are with you and yours.

  6. Emily says:

    I just watched her story on disappeared and I also agree the man in the white cowboy hat looks as if he motioned her to come along with him but to make it almost appear like they weren’t together. Also, because IDs were scanned, can’t survillance get a time frame when he walked in, and get his ID.

  7. amanda says:

    I just watched disappeared and saw her fiance and i feel so bad for the family. I think it could have been the guy refusing the test. I want to know why they didn’t make him some how take the director test. He obviously knows something. I wish the best of luck but I would try that guy who had her phone cause that sounds fishy to me 🙁

  8. Damion B. says:


    I agree with Christine. I noticed the man in the cowboy hat motion towards her and she seemed to change direction immediately after to follow him! I thought it to be suspicious enough, that right after I saw this, I googled
    her name, which brought me here. I wouldn’t speculate what happened after, but that man is certainly taller than Brandi which could explain the car seat position.

    Typically, when a man and a women leave an establishment together, the man may get to the door first but he will usually hold the door open from the inside an let the women pass and exit first. I am assuming this is what happened since the man exited so soon behind her and she made no attemp to hold the door for him. Nor did it look like she opended the door herself as her hand was just lazily reaching out to the right before adjusting her clothes!

  9. Jessica says:

    Previous poster: I thought the exact same thing. I got the worst feeling about that guy. I have been looking for somewhere to post it/contact. I also watched it on ID (via Netflix)

    There was a male in a white wide brimmed hat that was also going in the same direction she turned to. Did they ever look at him? He seemed to be almost gesturing in that direction and the tilt of her head almost suggested she was communicating with him. I watched the show and got a very strong feeling about this.

  10. Alexis says:

    I saw this episode of Disappeared last night on Netflix. Brandi looks so much like a friend of mine that it literally gave me chills to watch the show. I cannot even imagine the kind of emotional rollercoaster this family has been on since the night she never came home, and I sincerely hope that one day they get answers to the questions about what happened that night. One thing that I just could not believe was how long it seemed to take the family to report the car missing! How long did it sit on that off-ramp, like 3 or 4 days? If the car had been marked as abandoned, then why didn’t the city come tow it away to impound? If the officer who first found it saw that the door was open and that it was parked peculiarly, why didn’t they do a quick search? It didn’t seem like Brandi’s purse was hidden in the car, and that to me seems like the most obvious way to find out whose car it is, etc.

  11. felicia says:

    Why wasn’t everyone in graham’s questioned since they had a log? I lived in the area at that time and just feel horrible that she is still not home. I pray God brings here home soon.

  12. Barbara says:

    Who is the man in the cowboy hat?

    What is very perplexing is that FBI and authorities know this just as well. We all see her leaving pretty much alone but her shadow distinctly shifts right after the man in the cowboy hat seems to give a nod (and maybe say something) towards her direction.

    There is no denying there is something categorically unusual. The way you see her walk out, away from him and then shift as right after the man’s apparent nod is very indicative that he should be a person of interest.

    I’ll ad that since no one ever makes mention of him WHATSOEVER, must be because he fact is a person of interest and they know exactly who he is (thanks to video and swiping IDs).

    Therefore, I will only assume the reason that he has not be mentioned so far is because he is being investigates but nothing links him to the disappearance as of now.

    Sad story regardless. I believe the man in the cowboy hat may hold some answers…..

  13. steven says:

    I think that enough attention isn’t being put on WHY she went to that particular club and was being sneaky about it with her mother. If she didn’t have gas money, then why is she going to a far away club. She must have KNOWN someone there was going to give her money. Who are the friends she was meeting ? Has anyone thought about running a search for her photos or pictures to pop up online, perhaps on a dating site or social forum ? It’s been known that killers like to flaunt their kills. The roommate would know where she was going. Did she tell the roomie which particular club she was going to visit ? Sounds to me like she was meeting someone from online perhaps, and wanted to take her sister with her for security. When that didn’t happen, she stopped off at the bowling alley to take off the edge of her fear of going alone. Hard to believe that no one remembers her from the club. Regardless..the guy she was meeting says he doesn’t have a phone, so Brandi is forced to call the club for directions rather than her “date”. Just speculation. I think that many of these missing persons are arranged online meetups that people are just fearful of being judged my family, so they hide it.

  14. Rob says:

    The so called “person of interest” that they interviewed that was using Brandi’s cell phone declined to take a polygraph, whatever happened to him??? I hope law enforcement put the full court press on him!

  15. Jon Schnake says:

    I feel that this is the work of two men, or two people. I think she was the victim of a crime elsewhere, not near the bar. I feel she was lured by an invitation to go get gas, or money, or perhaps to go party or crash somewhere else. I think once she got to this location she was the victim of a crime away from her car, explaining the lack of struggle in the car. I feel that the evidence of her car had to then be moved in which case TWO PEOPLE, ONE TALLER PERSON DRIVING HER car and one person following in another car or truck then planned to QUICKLY dispose of her car on the side of road, thus explaining the oblique angle, lack of struggle, door left ajar and ability to disappear quickly. Yes, one person could have driven it there and ran off into the woods but I find this to be less plausible. I feel these are two rednecks, i think they left her phone in the crack-neighborhood as a red-herring that is the polar opposite of their social positioning. I feel these rednecks are local, know the area well, are possibly younger and I think they are a little well to do financially.

  16. kristina says:

    I defiantly think the guy in the cowboy hat is a bit suspicious too, I feel so bad for this family. I am currently going thru the episodes of dissapeared there is 2 stories that stick out to me and this is one. One that makes me really think

  17. Patti says:

    I just watched the show disappeared on this young lady and wondered if the man (in the white cowboy hat to her left) coming out of the club at the same time as Brani was ever checked out? She appeared to walk towards his direction after she was out of the cameras view. He seemed very tall and her seat was pulled so far back but the show says she walked out alone and seemed to dismiss that man? So, I don’t have a tip, but that just stood out to me and had to write. Also was the gas can ever finger printed? Very sad story. May this family find her and find peace.

  18. Suzanna Bailey says:

    I watched this case on Disappeared and it broke my heart. Some things that popped out at me was that the cell phone was not Brandi’s in the car. Secondly, the body that was found burning the description almost matched Brandi’s just 7 miles away from her car, so this lets me know that someone wanted to get the investigation off of Brandi. This also lets me believe that the person who set this other girl on fire is the one who has Brandi. Did they call every person in the phone log of the phone that was left in Brandi’s car? What about DNA on the gas can that was left in trunk? It could be someone gave her a ride for gas and just threw gas can in her car and took her, which I believe that same person is the one who set the other girls body on fire. What made me angry about his case was the lead on the car and the police did not go out there on day 1 that the car was spotted. DNA could have been pulled had it not have been 3 days later.

  19. Jamee says:

    I too was very suspicious of the guy following her out of the club….I live near Longview and had a run in with a very tall cowboy at Grahams one night earlier the same year she went missing. I filed a report against him in a neighboring county. After I heard about the show, before I ever saw it, I called back to the Sheriffs office, and found out even 5 years later my case against him is still a open case because so many other women have pressed charges against him too. I went and gave my report again, told them I had heard about this show and it sounded alot like what happened to me, she was the guys type, short, small, alone, and needy. And it happened on a Thursday, a day he told me he usually went there (Ladies Night) The Sheriffs officer called Longview PD and talked to the investigator. He acted as uninterested about it as ever, like it was just some other loon calling giving some dumb tip…
    When I watched the show it was like dejavu… I’m glad I got away. He was super tall, Im 5’2 and he was 6’4 or 6’5… T shirt, white cowboy hat, strong, asshole. He ruined my outlook on life.
    I hope something happens soon, I hope she is found because that must be horrible for the people in her life to not know what has happened to her. Same fear I had that night

  20. Gordon W says:

    I am surprised at how many people think the same thing I was thinking about the man in the cowboy hat. I just watched the program and am very sorry for friends and family of Brandi. I pray that answers will come!

  21. Treasure804 says:

    Why aren’t the police looking for the cowboy?????? I think police totally fumbled this case. They were looking for the wrong woman at first. Then they were calling the wrong people… was only when her Aunt saw the footage that the case was actually on track. This family should contact a reliable psychic to help them. They have nothing to lose.

  22. Jill says:

    Just saw the show on TLC in the Netherlands, the story is so awefull! Is there any news?

  23. Jean says:

    Wow Jamee, that does not sound good 🙁 Sorry something like that would happen to you. Glad you were smart and turned the guy in. Sounds like more women need to report him.

  24. Elle says:

    Why hasn’t the unidintified body NamUs Up#4872 been cross checked with Bradie’s dental records? The skelotal remains were found in 2008 in Lindale, TX and belong to a female in Brandie’s age range.

  25. Meica says:

    I hope this family finds some closure soon

  26. Anonymous007 says:

    I really hope they take a look at Larry Pugh. This man has had numerous complaints against him of using his power of a police officer and raping women. He finally ended up in prison in 2007. Two of the women who were to testify against him, Terry Reyes and now Shunte Coleman, have been found dead. They both disappeared two months before Brandi.