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Missing From: Malabar, Florida
Missing Since: 08/17/06
Classification: Missing Endangered
White Female
Age at Disappearance: 32
Date of Birth: 09/14/73
Height: 5’8
Weight: 125-140
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Jewelry: Pierced navel and tongue
Scars, Marks, Tattoos: scar on right eye at her right eyebrow. Scar on her abdomen.Tattoo of a fish scene on lower back and tattoo character Tweet Bird with a fire hydrant on her ankle
Clothing: off white long sleeved with a Malabar Fire Department logo over the left breast with the words “Malabar Fire Department on the back, dark colored work pants and mid calf work boots

Details of Disappearance:
Brandy was last seen leaving the Malabar Volunteer Fire Department where she worked in the 1800 block of Malabar Rd in Malabar ,Florida at 10:45 Pm on August 17, 2006.

She was supposed to work a full night shift but left early, saying she needed to go home. She drove away in her green truck and has never been seen or heard from since.

Her truck was found submerged in a nearby pond off Treeland Boulevard the following day. A substantial amount of blood was found inside the cab of the truck, although there was not enough blood to prove she was dead. Brandy’s firefighting equipment was also found in the pond, as was her cooler. THe soda and beer in the cooler was still cold to the touch. An extensive search of the pond turned up no sign of Brandy’s remains. Authorities do not believe that her body is there. Brandy’s backpack was found in the canal in Western Indian River County,Florida in June 2007, ten months after her disappearance. Inside were some of her belongings.

Her case remains unsolved.

Investigative Agency:
Palm Bay Police Department


26 Responses to “Brandy Hall”
  1. Kuro Valentine says:

    hello i saw her story on Disappeared on Investigation Discovery. For some reason i feel a weird spiritual presence when the husband was interview.

  2. amy says:

    I think her former boss who she was having an affair with and or his wife has something to do with her disappearance.

  3. steve says:

    I cant help but think her former boss and/or his wife are involved in her disappearance. I think a situation escalated and she was killed or hurt badly then self preservation kicked in

  4. michelle says:

    The husband did it. He wanted her to testify they fought and he killed her.

  5. michelle says:

    The husband did it no doubt.

  6. shea says:

    this is so sad i feel for the family I think that God will one day give her family closure weather they find her dead or alive I will keep ypi in my prayers

  7. PHYLPOWER says:

    I hope and pray that Brandy is alive and well. Sometimes we all hit the bottom and feel we can’t keep going and just want to walk off and never look back. Brandy it is ok, you just had enough but, if possible please let your Mom know you are living. I am the mother of a deceased daughter and I can feel the pain of never knowing what happened and why. If anybody had a hand in your disappearance, may they feel the pain and anguish of their wrong doing every day. May GOD above punish them every minute of time until they confess and allow your family the peace of knowing.

  8. Lora says:

    I feel like her former boss felt compelled to fix the situation with his marriage, ending in Brandy’s death.

  9. Randi Nye says:

    Randall Richmond said she told him she was gonna disappear he needs to be looked at more he has more info than hes saying. They were having an affair and he probably made het disappear right before jeffs sentancing to make it also look like jeff had something to do with it.

  10. Kirsten Poyfair says:

    I just got done watching brandys story on the id channal and i feel the guy she had an
    affiar with did it i mean he was her last call

  11. edward says:

    hi there…just saw her story…and …animals raised me n i feel for 210% the former boss….was the brain behind the marihuana n killing by being affraid tht she my n would tell the truth….about e everything and the husband knew it all…the whole time…i just know this
    try this pls…

  12. Craig James says:

    I find it hard to believe her former boss has told everything of the fateful night.
    There is evidence to suggest her affair caused great resentment and the best way to stop that would have been for her to disappear either voluntarily or against her will. It is sad that we read of all these disappearances with no comfort or closure for those left behind.

  13. W. Driskell says:

    It is obvious that Randall Richmond or his wife is responsible for Brandy’s disappearance. Randall threw in a red herring when he was the only one that indicated that Brandy was planning to leave. There is no way Brandy was planning to leave her children. She had just called them before they went to bed. She was obviously a loving mother. Randall is guilty! Can’t the authorities push his buttons until he caves? What is wrong with the investigators? Are they protecting their own? Let’s get involved and flush Randall out into the open. He’s the one.

  14. jrica says:

    when someone is going to go “MISSING” the last thing they do is tell someone, the fact that her former boss said she told him that on the 11 min phone call that night, is BS. as a wife and mother you have to think that way. She knew her husband would go to jail, she needed her job back to support her family, she called her old boss and someone she had an affair with, and may have blackmailed him a little (SHE WAS DESPERATE). it could have been give me my job back or i talk about our affair, which here in Fl. would lead to being fired or at least an internal investigation, he agreed to meet her under the pretense of helping her.The fact that she talks to him 11 min’s, leaves work, duh, she was meeting someone RANDALL..and his crazy story where he said she was going to disappear??? why has this man not been POLYGRAPHED??? and his wife ANN MARIE?? they look in his car 2 yr’s later (DUH). he was in her truck, she was not in his car.. he did this, she had something on him, and was DESPERATE for her job, to support her kids.they fought and he killed her.. the husband had NOTHING to do with this at all. POLYGRAPH RANDALL!!! that is who she was meeting that night..

  15. Chuck says:

    I agree with most of the comments her former boss who she had an affair with definitely did it. The one big clue is he said in their phone conversation she said she was going away, just disappearing, not saying where she’s going. He doesn’t try & talk her out of it. Just cya later have a nice life omg what BS. It is so obvious & she wanted job back & she probably said if you don’t I’ll tell of affair. So he killed her & a firefighter is going to know how to dispose of the body so it won’t be found. I can’t believe he has never been a suspect, that is incredible! Even all the way over here in Australia it stands out like you know what!

  16. cathy del grosso says:

    Not sure if this is already known but I looked at and when you search Randall Richmond a mug shot comes up of someone who looks a lot like the guy from this story (without the moustache as he appears in the Disappeared episode). County he was arrested in -Volusia as per mugshot page- is right next to Brevard county where Brandi was from.Arrested for aggravated battery! If this is the same guy then we have the possibility that Richmond’s capacity for violence is shown by this arrest. Imagine the arrest was for alleged crime against a woman!

  17. ray says:

    I have a bad feeling about her old boss she had an affair with. It says she was armed so if it was a stranger she would have defended herself.

  18. Michaela says:

    As a mother I agree no woman who thinks her husband is about to recieve a prison sentance disappears leaving her 2 kids without either parent. I honestly don’t believe her husband had anything to do with it and agree I think police need to take a look at her former boss and more so his wife who from my prospective is the person ultimately responsible. I don’t know if anyone on here has looked at the Facebook sight regarding this case but someone has sent a link to a composite scetch of someone who apparantly looks a lot like Brandy who has been recovered from water, I think this is something the police need to definitely look into.

  19. Teresa rosier says:

    So sad hope they find her my thoughts r with her family hope they get justice .

  20. P. O'Neil says:

    Hey! Just got done watching a TV show called “Disappeared” and the episode was about Brandy Hall. First, I think Michaela who wrote in has a point, although she is not clear about where this young lady was found or which body of water they found her in and did they ever discover who the girl was, which of course would be pertinent here. They have Brandy’s DNA how hard would it be to check the national integrated DNA database against Brandys. Given what we were told as listeners and assuming it’s not being embelished for TV the most likely suspect is the man she may have been having an affair with, Richmond. She spoke with him for 11 minutes, thats 11 minutes time in which Richmond could cajole and beg her to come and talk to him one last time to perhaps straighten things out between them or maybe even a promise of getting her old job back. Also I think it’s pure B.S. that she was going to disappear. You can’t argue it either, it’s not a case of he said she said, it’s just a case of he said. The most difficult part of this I imagine, is the not knowing and her children losing their mom. Brandy sounded like a great mom not the kind that would just get up and walk away from her children. She was strong with alot of spirit and would prefer to deal with what was in front of her, not run away from it. One last thing, Brandy was a woman who could handle a gun and carried one all the time. If this was done by a stranger that gun would have come out, that tells me that whoever she had the misfortune of running into the night of August 17th 2006 was someone she absolutely knew. Don’t give up Hall family, you may get your answers yet.

  21. cira says:

    Brandy’s Boss did this and he knows a lot about how crime scenes are worked. Move to the opposite direction of the waterways…he is leading you astray. Use radious information from the found truck and search for graves in an approximate 10 mile radious and worked out from there. Don’t give up!

  22. ewa says:

    Growing up with a person who has psychological problems, to me it’s obvious it’s her husband who planned it and killed her – calling her when the kids went to bed (and at the same time telling her to say to the people she worked with that she needed to go home early). Doesn’t anyone else see that her husband is making the show about him (explaining how sad HE was, how horrible it was for HIM and so on, lying so much he believes it himself which also makes him trustworthy). That would of course also explain why her gun in the car is gone – he knew where she had it. How more obvious could it be!

  23. oilrightgurad says:

    Search the lake again trust me

  24. Retired_1515956 says:

    Most often we focus on the clues that draw attention, screaming look at me! A cool calm killer who prays on victims of opportunity will often remaining so close, assisting in the search. The thrill of being in the lime light of a crime they committed without the penalty phase. Getting away with the crime and smiling in all of our faces.

    A number of months ago I heard a disturbing story of an official from the fire department resigning when confronted with several allegations of misconduct. It is my understanding several complaints had surfaced of intimidation and harsh treatment of female personnel. It is alleged even kicking open a door to a female locker room and cornering a young female.

    Now lets look a little closer… If this individual was an active member during Hall’s time, could his targeting women during weak moments. Could this individual have tried to corner Brandy, could she have threatened to report his behavior?

    Someone knows something, lets reopen the case and look at all persons especially those helping out during any search, the recovery of the truck, and anyone having contact with her months before her going missing.

    A true criminal will be your best friend and biggest helper

  25. Athena says:

    I don’t understand even after the FBI was called in that Randall Richmond, her previous boss and boyfriend gave 2 different versions in his initial communications with the police, now refuses to be interviewed by the FBI and hasn’t been forced to take a lie detector. I believe he is guilty of murdering her, possibly with the help of his wife, after that 16 minute phone call. I believe he fired her because of the affair and his career and wanted her gone. They need to take cadaver dogs and canvass the area from where she volunteered to 20 miles around where her truck was found. As the fire chief he is I’m sure aware of ways to dispose of a body. They need to check abandoned buildings, construction sites, cemeteries at that time that burials were taking place. I’m sure he burned her body, probably buried the ashes or spread them out. Makes it harder to locate the evidence. Put the pressure on and eventually he will or his wife will fess up. Unless they have killed before and liked it, the weight of this has to be heavy to carry. I hope his vehicles were under the scope, the firehouse chief truck, it’s been 9 years. Bring justice to Brandy’s family.

  26. Jimmie says:

    The boss did it, cause I think Brandi was going to tell his wife about them…look further into the boss.