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Decks of cards featuring 52 cases of unsolved homicides, missing persons, wanted persons and the unidentified in an effort to bring awareness of cold cases.

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11 Responses to “Card Program –”
  1. maryjane says:

    I wanted to find out,is there anyway to get Hope Meek on those cards?

  2. Marie Martin says:

    would like to know how to purchase a deck of these cards and also how and when someone can add their missing person. Thank you, Marie Martin

  3. Beverly Tallent says:

    We were able to have Nancy’s Lyons, my sister, submitted on the card program in Indiana..I had not heard of this program until one day I got a call from the Dept. of Corrections. It provides a ray of hope to all families whose cases remain unsolved. I would suggest families contact their Dept. Of Corrections within their state.

  4. Michelle Cole says:

    I think that this is a fabulous idea…people will actually recognize someone missing if they see them repeatedly. I am like Marie Martin and would like to know how to get your loved one put onto a deck of these cards? My god-daughter Brandi Wells has been missing since August 3, 2006 from Longview, TX. What a terrific idea!!!
    Thank you CUE for all you do,
    Michelle Cole

  5. Marie Martin says:

    i think this group is a god send to us. at least they believe in us an offer to try to help us when no one else will thank from the bott0m of my heart for caring marie martin

  6. catherine says:

    What a horrible way to connect with so many wonderful people. I was never really aware of the overwhelming horror of missing people until my family was pulled into it recently. They have now turned to Cue. Thank you so much for being there as a resource for when the police the public moves on.

  7. Dawn F. Eaton says:

    These cards are a great idea. How much are these cards and where can we buy them?
    Thank you.

  8. MaryJane says:

    I could not agree with you more Catherine. Since I have been doing everything I can to get my sister (Hope Meek) in the public eye, I have met so many wonderful people that will help families of the missing and murdered. It is a blessing to have somebody that can and will help,and even just to be there to talk to.

  9. teresa reis says:

    how can i buy a deck or two of these cards? i would like to get some for my 3 kids and some friends. please let me know. the more decks go out the more people see the missing. thank you. i’ll be waiting to hear from you all. thanks in advance.

  10. Tere Ryder says:

    Everybody can help with clues, thoughts and creative ideas…..We can ALL be a part of solving these crimes and bringing justice to families nationwide…….lots of people know things. Let’s show these families that their loved ones have not been forgotten and lets take some bad guys off of our streets!