Erik Geovany Delgado

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Erik Geovany Delgado

Missing From: Miami, Florida
Missing Since: 02/12/14
Classification: Missing
Hispanic Male
Age at Disappearance: 32
Date of Birth: 12/28/82
Height: 5’10
Weight: 220
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black with full facial beard . Might be uncut ,looking scruffy.
Scars, Marks, Tattoos: Tattoo on the left or right ankle. Scar is located in the middle top back left or right side.
Clothing: Gray or white shirt with a hoodie jacket as well he might be wearing a black or khaki hat with possibly cargo shorts or jeans. He also had on a red book bag with an orange bible on him.
Details of Disappearance:
Erik has been missing since 02/12/14. The family states that Erik was behaving in particular way the day he left. The family also states that they didn’t receive a call from Erik for a month then he called from a borrowed phone informing them that he was at Jackson then a month later he called again from Atlanta and the last call came from North Carolina. Erik has not been seen or heard from since.His case remains unsolved.
Investigative Agency:
Miami-Dade Police Department (Florida)

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Cornelius Aleman

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Cornelius Aleman

Missing From: Woodville, Texas
Missing Since: 05/25/14
Classification: Missing
White Male
Age at Disappearance: 40
Date of Birth: 09/06/73
Height: 5’10
Weight: 190
Hair: Black with full facial beard
Scars,Marks,Tattoos: Tattoo of a heart on upper shoulder with the name Crystal inside the heart.
Clothing: Carrying duffel bag and blue backpack.
Full Name: Cornelius Paul Aleman III

Details of Disappearance:
Cornelius was traveling on US Hwy 190 from Woodville ,Texas going to Louisiana.
He told his cousin he was headed for Louisiana. He does not know anyone there that they aware of. He did not have any money or a cell phone.

He would have been hitchhiking a ride on US 190.
His case remains unsolved.

Investigative Agency
Woodville Texas Police Department


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Denishia James

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Denishia James

Missing From: St Louis, Missouri
Missing Since: 05/15/14
Classification: Missing
Black Female
Age at Disappearance: 25
Date of Birth: 04/09/89
Height: 5’1
Weight: 120
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark brown
Scars, Marks, Tattoos: Tattoos on both wrists, right side of stomach
Special Identifiers: She wears Hazel contact lenses. Black long hair with light brown streaks
Nickname: Nina

Details of Disappearance:
Denishia James was going to Memphis, TN, her hometown to get a car her aunt called about and said her uncle has it ready and she can have it. She left Saturday afternoon May 17th 2014 on Mega bus from St Louis, Mo to Memphis.
She said she was going to return Tuesday afternoon but she wasn’t on the bus. Her case remains unsolved.

Investigative Agency
Breckenridge Police Department ( Missouri )

Josiah Gyngard

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Josiah Gyngard1  Josiah Gyngard2 Josiah Gyngard3

Missing From: Zephyrhills, Florida
Missing Since: 02/21/14
White Male
Age at Disappearance: 17
Date of Birth: 01/21/97
Height: 5’9
Weight: 145
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue/Green
Clothing: Jeans and black hoodie

Details of Disappearance:
On February 21, 2014, Josiah Gyngard, 17, was out and stopped back at home to pick up his phone charger at 11:21 p.m and his mother has never seen him since.

Investigative Agency
Pasco County Sheriff Department

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Tommy Eastep

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TOMMY LEE EASTEP  article-2448832-189515A900000578-658_308x438

Missing From: Blanchard, Oklahoma
Missing Since: 07/06/13
American Indian
Age at Disappearance: 30
Date of Birth: 12/23/82
Height: 6’1
Weight: 175
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blondish Brown
Scars, Marks, Tattoos: right arm Carpe Diem. Cross tattoo on left arm
Clothing: Jeans and t-shirt

Details of Disappearance:
Tommy Eastep, 30, went missing on July 7 after spending the Independence Day holiday at Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma.

He never returned to his home in Blanchard, and his family has been searching for him ever since.

Tommy’s truck was found parked in a rural area north of Holdenville with his debit card and driver’s license locked inside.

Investigative Agency
Oklahoma State Bureau Investigation

Evan Graham

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Evan Graham1    EVAN GRAHAM  Evangraham

Missing From: Fairplay, Colorado
Missing Since: 06/09/13
White Male
Classification: Missing
Age at Disappearance: 29
Date of Birth: 10/01/83
Eyes: Blue
Hair : Blonde (Shaved)w/ Goatie
Height: 5’7
Weight: 155
Scars, Marks, Tattoos: Tattoo of a headpiece of chest

Details of Disappearance:
Evan Graham was reported missing on 09/08/13 after his family hadn’t heard from him since June 2013. His family called law enforcement who did a welfare check on him  at 3806 Middle Fork Vista south of Fairplay ,Colorado in the county of Park where he  owns a motor home  that he lived in that was parked on the property of Lot 504. He was never located.
He has not been heard from and his case remains unsolved.

Investigative Agency:
Park Co Sheriff Dept ( Colorado)

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