2013 Passage Award Winner

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Passage Award1 Passage Award2 Passage Award3 Passage Award4

Gail Soles, mother of missing Crystal Soles has been given in 2013 the Passage Award.

“The Passage Award”

Susan Murphy Milano
This award is given to an individual, who has suffered the loss of a loved by being a missing person, victim of homicide or one that has survived the cruelties from intimate partner violence. This award recognizes the survivor that has healed and who has risen above to contribute ones self to those who remain in need of guidance, empowerment, support and who continually holds a devotion to the cause.

Laptop Winner

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Kim Nelsen

Thank you so much for the wonderful gift of this laptop. It was a very unexpected surprise. I really appreciate all the work Monica and CUE volunteers do for those missing like my daughter Bethany Decker and their families. Blessings to all of you who work tirelessly to find answers for those of us waiting.

Kim Nelson

The 11th Annual National Missing Persons Conference 2015

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SAVE THE DATES CONFERENCE  “MARCH 19, 20, 21, 22 of 2015″

Join us for our upcoming national conference for missing persons and all who work in the arena from advocating, volunteering, investigation, search and rescue and the identification process of those who are lost. This event is open to all who support the mission of finding a resolution for families who have suffered a missing loved one and are or have been a victim of crime.

CUE State Outreach Coordinators Annual Meeting MARCH 19, 2015 9:00 AM UNTIL 5:00 PM


Please share this information with anyone who may work in the arena:

◊ Advocacy cocerning missing persons, families left behind or homicide victim

◊ Service agencies, non profit organization, law enforcement, search teams/groups, private investigators, coroner or those who work in the indentifcation process

◊ Volunteers who are interested in training and becoming more involved

To learn more about CUE Center for Missing Persons please visit us at our web site www.ncmissingpersons.org or email us cuecenter@aol.com

THE PASSAGE AWARD In Memory of “Susan Murphy Milano”

This award is given to an individual, who has suffered the loss of a loved one by being a missing person, victim of homicide or one that has survived the cruelties from intimate partner violence. This award recognizes the survivor that has healed and who has risen above to contribute oneself to those who remain in need of guidance, empowerment, support and who continually holds a devotion to the cause.

The loss of Susan has been felt across the nation, she was a true supporters of the missing and the CUE organization. She remains truly missed by all.

BIO: As an expert in the area of intimate partner violence and the prevention of homicide, Susan has created specific tools and procedures which the abused need to safely leave a violent relationship.

Her books, “Defending Our Lives”, “Moving Out, Moving On” and Time’s Up, are considered the “bibles” of how to make the move away from abuse and deal with the many confusing situations surrounding violence prevention, stalking, break-up or divorce.

Susan witnessed her father, a decorated Chicago Violent crimes Detective, brutally and violently attack her mother repeatedly. The words “if you leave I will kill you,” turned into reality the night Susan walked into her childhood home and found her mother murdered and her father in the next room dead from a self-inflicted gun-shot wound to the
head. Susan vowed then, and has, since the murder-suicide of her parents, carved out a road making changes in the way the world looks at violence in and outside the home.

Her books and strategies are taught world-wide and used by law enforcement, domestic abuse advocates, social workers, attorneys, health care workers, human resource departments and domestic violence agencies. The comprehensive strategies and escape plans utilized by Susan have been successful and tested by time for over 20 years.

Susan uses humor, passion, and all her years of experience to motivate her audience to become more effective first responders, advocates and professionals in their work to stop family violence.

Susan’s quest for justice was instrumental in the passage of the Illinois Stalking Law and
the Lauternberg Act. She has been prominently featured in newspapers, magazines, radio and television including: The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Radio, ABC’S 20/20, Justice Files, E-True Hollywood, CNN, Sunday Today Show Profile, Women’s Day, Family Circle, US News and World Report to name only a few. She has frequently participated in guest media commentary panels on major news programs.


SORC Meeting – Thursday, March 19, 2015

cue logo new

State Outreach Coordinators Meeting: Closed to the public, this meeting is for directors 9:00 am 5:00 pm (Lunch will be served during meeting)

To learn more about the program and get involved please contact CUE Center anytime at cuecenter@aol.com or call 910-232-1687





TRAINING – Thursday, March 19, 2015   (7:00 pm – 11:00 pm)

ASHI CPR Pro Course:

4 hour CPR Pro class will teach you adult, child and infant CPR, conscious and unconscious obstructed airway, use of an AED.  Hands-on skills will be taught and evaluated as well as a written exam.

1Lead Instructor – Stephanie White

In 1987 I began my career with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and started teaching part time at the law enforcement academy in 1994. My real passion was teaching and in 1999 I left LCSO and became a full time instructor at the law enforcement academy. In 2002 I became the Medical First Responder Program Coordinator at the Florida Public Safety Institute/Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy.

I’m a CPR and First Aid Instructor/Instructor Trainer and a Training Center Director for the American Safety and Health Institute. I have trained thousands of law enforcement, corrections and probation officers over the years in CPR and First Aid. I am a member of the First Response K-9 Search Team in Tallahassee, Florida and a recent addition to the list of CUE Center State Outreach Coordinators.

imageKarin Bergholm is a retired, Florida Law Enforcement officer, after proudly serving for 27.5 years. After retirement in 2012, she became a member of CUE and First Response Search Team, in Tallahassee. Karin is a certified, adjunct instructor of CPR and First Responder for police recruits at The Florida Public Safety Institute, located near Tallahassee, Fl.

Karin is also in the process of training K-9 Trooper (a rescue dog) in the discipline of Human Remains Detection.


Registration check in for conference attendees: 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Note: The main hall entrance to the ballroom will remain open (Thursday) all day and evening hours for any participant or sponsor to set up items, informational handouts, missing person information or visuals, table display, banners, etc. When checking into the conference please request the person in charge for this area to help you in whatever you may need to assist you for a smooth process. You can also ship your items to the CUE Center, please be advised that the hotel will not handle items delivered to the hotel.

THE CONFERENCE CONCLUDES ON SUNDAY, MARCH 22nd @ 1:00 CUE’s Founder, Monica Caison training and discussion, presentation of your conference plaque and a lunch.

Please share this information to anyone in this line of advocacy or missing person work, family of a missing person or homicide victim. To learn more about CUE Center for Missing Persons please visit us at our web site www.ncmissingpersons.org or email us cuecenter@aol.com

NOTICE: (This conference is a pre – registration conference ONLY) please contact our center for details, thank you.
Download & print registration application here if you prefer to mail in registration & payment

Submit Registration: Mailing Address (CUE) PO Box 12714 Wilmington, NC 28405
Ph: (910) 343-1131 or (910) 232-1687 Fax: (910) 399-6137
Location: Holiday Inn Conference Center


On Line Registration

March 19
March 20
March 21
March 22

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 3.53.30 AMArrival Flight Information
Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 3.53.30 AMDeparture Flight Information

King Bed
Two Queen Bed

Registration Fee
* $350.00 (this covers one hotel room, all meals and conference materials – handouts)*Shuttle – service will be provided from the airport to hotel for all arrivals and departures (Wilmington International Airport) only.* You can arrive anytime after 3:00 pm on Thursday 3/19/2015 and the conference will end at 1:00 pm on 3/22/2015. The hotel ballroom and other areas are available for your comfort if you have a late departing fight on Sunday.*Please advise us of any special needs or diet request, i.e vegetarian, vegan, other; if you
are traveling with a K9 please notify the hotel directly for approval.

Personal Check
Money Order
Visual Verification Image

* Required

Missing Persons Conference 2015 Registration cost

Your Email Address :

Note: Do not contact the hotel to register, the CUE Center for Missing Persons is responsible for submission of the rooming list and providing airport travel arrangements of all conference attendees.

Want to become a 2015 sponsor? Applications coming soon…


Download your packet here for printing forms, please mail them with your check payable to:
CUE Center For Missing Persons
PO Box 12714
Wilmington, NC 28405

Below is the 2015 conference, updates will begin to be posted soon, so check back with us!

CUE Conference Official Photographer


Carrie Eigbrett is an energetic, professional photographer specializing in nature, landscape & macro photography as well as on-location photo sessions for all ages. Her passion is in capturing your memories while showing your true personality. Carrie resides in and serves the Rochester and Fingerlakes, New York area.



Friday Night Conference Attendee Party

1654784_725480974151606_1887230875_oBullard Entertainment

Martha has entertained CUE conference attendees and sponsors for the last five years and will return again, known as the ‘QUEEN OF KARAOKE’. Martha has won many titles such as Mrs SC Congeniality, best karaoke entertainer in the Tabor City Yam Festival and brings a needed relief to many with her music. She joined the CUE family when Alice Donovan went missing and later became good friemds with her daughters. She wanted to do something more to help out and help others who have a missing person. Over the years she has meet many families of the missing including Dawn Drexel, who daughter Brittanee remains missing and became loyal to the cause. The gift of making people happy is what she offers, even if for a moment, to see a smile on the faces who have suffered such a great loss. This year will be a reminder for Martha as she recognizes the anniversary of the loss of her mother and being with CUE for another birthday.

Proclamation & Letters (2015)

Meet The 2015 Sponsors…coming soon!






Instructor – Ray Bechard

Topic: Forced Labor Around the Globe

Raymond Bechard is an Author, Producer and Human Rights Advocate. He has worked to end injustice against all people for over twenty years. Bechard often advises social justice organizations in their mission to bring hope and encouragement to the world.

Among other writings he is the author of the recently published books, “The Berlin Turnpike: A True Story of Human Trafficking in America,” (TheBerlinTurnpike.com) which is a close, historical examination of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and its place within all American communities, and “Unspeakable: The Truth Behind the World’s Fastest Growing Crime,” an expose of Child Trafficking in all its forms around the globe.

Bechard also began and is the Executive Director of Men Against Prostitution And Trafficking (MENAPAT.org), the first anti-human trafficking Political Action Committee in America. Now, he is producing “Honor Bound,” a television series telling the previously untold stories of the US military’s humanitarian work throughout the world. (HonorBound.tv) http://raymondbechard.blogspot.com


Instructor – Holly Hughes

Topic: Social Media and the Law

For 10 years Attorney Holly Hughes has served as a Senior Assistant District Attorney with the Fulton County District Attorney’s office in Atlanta, GA where she prosecuted some of the most high-profile cases in the United States, including working on the murder case against Ray Lewis, superstar with the Baltimore Ravens. Holly Hughes was a triple threat prosecuting homicides, hate crimes and high profile felony cases.

Prior to making a name for herself as a tough big-city prosecutor, she also worked as an attorney specializing in Discrimination and Civil Rights.

Holly Hughes has hosted the highly popular “Nancy Grace Show” on CNN Headline News Channel, and continues to appear as a frequent guest on the program as well as appearing as an expert witness on Swift Justice with Nancy Grace. She appeared on Court TV as a frequent commentator and legal analyst since 2003 and on Tru TV’s “In Session” and CNN HLN’s “Prime News.”

With hundreds of media appearances Holly Hughes is qualified as an expert in high profile litigation and criminal procedure with the Cold Case Research Institute of Georgia. She is a frequent guest lecturer at colleges, universities, law schools and conferences. She’s honored in Madison Avenue’s Who’s Who of Young Professionals.

After ten years with the DA’s Office, Holly Hughes is now in private practice in Atlanta, handling criminal defense and civil litigation. http://hollybhughes.com

nikedave002fInstructor – David Sullivan

Topic: Crime Scene Preservation
David retired from the Will County Sheriff Department, Joliet, Illinois after many years of service. He was a past U.S.C.G. Auxiliary Flotilla Commander 10-15 Channahon, Illinois. David Sullivan served in the past as the Will County E.M.A. SAR Division Chief, leading search efforts and first responders.
He is a Lead Instructor for Ground Search and Rescue & Search Management Classes for the Illinois SAR Council and is a HRD K9 handler with his experience beginning in 1998. Currently serving on the Advisor Board Member for NOCDS, and the Missouri State Outreach Coordinator for the CUE Center for Missing Persons.
David is listed as a AWDA K-9 Evaluator, member of the Semo Search Dogs Benton, Missouri and with the National Inland SAR School. He has devoted his life to the service of locating the lost and their families.
Instructor – Sheryl McCollum – Director, Cold Case Investigative Research Institute

Topic: How “Throwaway” People Become Cold Cases

With over 25 years of experience,education and a background in law enforcement , Sheryl McCollum is currently the Director of the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute, which is a collaboration between Auburn University Montgomery, Faulkner University and Bauder College. This collaboration brings together researchers, practitioners, students and the criminal justice community to develop new capabilities and work collectively to advance research, training and techniques in solving cold cases. The objectives of CCIRI are to provide the means, resources and guidance for Criminal Justice students throughout all Kaplan Higher Education to determine the solvability of actual unsolved crimes.

Topic Guest Speakers

PeterHyattPeter Hyatt, Statement Analyst

Topic: Statement Analysis as an Investigative Tool

Peter Hyatt is a civil investigator who has conducted more than 2,500 interviews including children’s interviews. He uses Statement Analysis is his work, and teaches Statement Analysis in Interviewing. www.statement-analysis.blogspot.com







Gaétane Borders, Peas in Their Pods

Topic: What’s Race Got to Do With It? My Child is Missing!

Gaétane Borders is a psychologist, writer and speaker with 20 years of experience, and has devoted her life to making an impact in the lives of families. She is an advocate of children rights, and works tirelessly to help parents achieve healthy, harmonious, and emotionally stable environments for children.

As President of Peas in Their Pods, Gaétane helps to spread awareness about the epidemic of child abduction, and aims to arm parents with the knowledge necessary to prevent such tragedies. Through her advocacy work, Gaétane has sparked conversations regarding the disparate manner in which missing children of color are reported in the media.

Her dedication to empowering and helping parents has made her sought after, as she is often asked to contribute her expertise on radio shows, magazines and television programs. She has been featured on the Maury Povich Show, CNN News Room, CBS The Early Show, Real Savvy Moms, and has written articles for Essence.com, and various other publications. Gaétane has also been a regular contributor to the Nancy Grace Show, as well as a frequent guest parenting expert on Fox’s The Morning Show.

Dr. Scott Bonn

DocBonnTopic: The Curious Allure of Serial Killers

Dr. Scott Bonn is Professor of Criminology, media expert, public speaker, frequent guest analyst and commentator, and author of the critically acclaimed book, “Mass Deception.” He is an expert on state crime and serial killers.





karen beaudinKaren Beaudin

Topic Title: Unsolved Not Forgotten

Karen Beaudin is the published author of A Child is Missing-a true story and professional speaker. She addresses the subject of unsolved murders, the missing and unresolved deaths to law enforcement at homicide training sessions around the United States and in universities to criminal law students.

She’s an advocate for Cold Case Units and the creation of websites that list the unsolved, the missing and unresolved deaths in every state. These websites can provide valuable information to law enforcement and makes available a place to leave anonymous tips. They also assure victims families that their loved one has not been forgotten. Recently Karen spoke at four Homicide Initiative Training Sessions in Ohio for the Bureau of Criminal Investigations. In 2009 she and her sisters were influential in establishing New Hampshire’s first Cold Case Unit. During Victims’ Rights Week, 2010, the Gloddy family received a certificate of appreciation from Governor John Lynch for their outstanding service on behalf of victims’ of crime.


In 2012 the Ohio Attorney General recognized Karen for her advocacy in promoting Cold Case Units. The Fraternal Order Of Police in Ohio acknowledged her valuable contribution to Ohio’s law enforcement community and the Ohio Unsolved Homicides Initiative. Karen has designed the Victims of Violent Crimes Bracelet for those affected by violent crimes. Information:


A portion of the profits goes to organizations that support victims of violent crimes and their families


emp-2Elaine M. Pagliaro, JD, MS

Elaine Pagliaro, Assistant Executive Director at the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science, retired from the Connecticut Department of Public Safety, Division of Scientific Services, Forensic Science Laboratory as Acting Director, where she worked in Criminalistics and Forensic Biology for almost 30 years. During that time, Ms. Pagliaro was involved in most of the major criminal investigations in Connecticut and in cases of national prominence, such as the Penney Serra and Martha Moxley murders, the Michael Ross serial murders, the investigation of the death of Vincent Foster and the infamous “Woodchipper Murder” case.

She has qualified as an expert witness in the areas of forensic biochemistry, forensic DNA analysis, hair examination, and crime scene reconstruction in Connecticut, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Louisiana and in Federal court. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Science, a Life Member Awardee of the Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists, and served on the Connecticut Commission for the Standardization of the Collection of Sexual Assault Evidence. Recently she served on the committee that wrote and revised the training videos on sexual assault for the State of Connecticut. Ms. Pagliaro has authored numerous publications on forensic science for professional journals and has presented at national and international symposia. A recent book, Forensic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice, which she co-edited with Drs. Rita Hammer and Barbara Moynihan, received a best advanced practice book award from the American Journal of Nursing.

A summa cum laude graduate of the Quinnipiac University School of Law, Ms. Pagliaro is a member of the bar in Connecticut, New Hampshire, and the Federal District of New Hampshire. Ms. Pagliaro is an adjunct faculty member at several Connecticut universities and colleges, including Quinnipiac University, where she instructs students of criminal justice and the law, and the University of New Haven.

Victims Hours Presentations








Speaker are the families of the case featured above “Their loved one and the struggles in an unforgiven journey

National Candle Light Service


The annual service is hosted by the CUE Center for Missing Persons in honor of those once missing, now recovered. Families from across the country attend the water front ceremony seeking comfort, supporting the thousands who remain missing in “the unveiling of the wall”. Come and join those left behind for a beautiful tribute along Wilmington’s Cape Fear River front victim testimonies, musical dedication and so much more. Candles will be provided. The service is a part of the weekend long national conference 2014.

Saturday March 22, 2014 Time: 7:30 pm (Open to the public and candles will be provided)

Riverfront Park, Downtown Wilmington Waterfront

Mistress of Ceremony – Sandra McClammy “The Midday Miss on Coast97.3″

smSandra McClammy aka “Sandra, The Midday Miss” was born and raised in Wilmington, NC. A graduate of the city’s inner city high school, New Hanover High, and the city’s college, UNCW has afforded her an excellent balance. As a teen growing up in the “hood” she vowed to never forget her roots and to grow socially in a manner by which she could have a conversation with anyone. As she grew into an adult, she learned how it is essential to recognize and embrace the desperate educational, social and economic conditions that affect young people. Today she has placed herself in the educational arena and entertainment world and thus educates youth via “edutainment”.

As a dancer and radio personality, Sandra understands how movement and music can provide solstice to the soul. With this Sandra also believes that as an educator it is critical to study and understand how we as adults can continue to help youth succeed despite the overwhelming odds against them. They must believe that they have a significant role in our society. Sandra is a UNCW graduate with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature & Language and a Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts. Among the many boards and committees she serves on from the UNCW Alumni Board of Directors as Vice- Chair, to the Black Arts Alliance of Wilmington, she is also a proud member of the Wilmington Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. As a member of worldwide DJ coalition, Core DJs, she is the host and the producer of the syndicated CORE DJ Radio Show. For Cumulus Broadcasting she is the music director and midday host on COAST 97.3. Sandra has been in radio for 17 years.

Guest Speaker – “Where Do I Turn Too”

birdieIn 1994 Birdie dedicated her life to work for and with victims of crime, after her youngest daughter, Amy Caroline, 18 years old, was carjacked and brutally murdered.

She founded Justice for Citizens to promote victim support; support victim-oriented legislation through citizen involvement; monitor the courts to report on the enforcement of existing laws; reform the judicial process to favor the victims and the community and increase public awareness of the judicial system.

Birdie served on North Carolina Victim Assistance Network Board thirteen years. Member of NC Interagency Council; Criminal Justice Partnership Program – Brunswick County; Child Fatality Task Force – Brunswick County; Governor’ Crime Commission – Victim’s Rights Study Group. Among numerous awards received – 2005 National Volunteer for Victims Award presented at the 2005 National Crime Victims Rights Week Awards Ceremony in Washington, D.C. and in 2013, The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Award.

Reading of the Poem Dedication – Sheree Justus

Vocal Tribute “Come Home” by One Republic

kidAllison Davis is a software design student at the Central Academy of Technology and Arts in Monroe, N.C. She has been a member of the Charlotte Childrens Choir since 2007.

Allison has traveled the Southeast performing with the Charlotte Childrens Choir. The highlight of her performance history thus far was singing at The White House in Washington, D.C. in 2011.

Allison has been a member of the missing persons community since her grandfather Billy Pound disappeared in November 2010. It is her honor to be a part of this conference.




National Prayer – Pastor Angie Davis

1383666_719930624686947_377433594_nReverend Angie Davis is fully ordained as a minister of the gospel. She has been in many positions of leadership in and outside of the church. Her present position is as an ordained Elder at Inspirational House of Praise in Leland, NC, where she is also the Praise and Worship leader. She is passionate in her endeavor of preaching and teaching the gospel as well as being a spiritual counselor to those in need. She is also employed with local Ophthalmologist, Dr. Laura Harris, where she is the Surgical Coordinator. At present, she has been committed to officiating the National Candlelight Vigil Prayer for CUE for many years. It is her prayer that God will give the families comfort and courage as well as Hope through the Word of God and the knowledge that He is always there to lift them up. She is the mother of two children, Matt and Hannah. The grandmother of three, Caleb, Kameron and Savannah. She resides in in Winnabow, NC.


Vocal Tribute

groupOne Purpose (left to right) Minister Mekesha Watson, Jocelyn Peake, Pastor Darrell Smith, Jackie Peake Thompson, Jeanette Peake Porter, Donna McDowell (not pictured)

One Purpose, recording artist from Spartanburg S.C. The group consists of the Reverend Darrell Smith, pastor of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church in Gaffney SC, Minister Mekesha Watson, three sisters, Jackie Peake Thompson, Jocelyn Peake, Jeanette Peake Porter and a good friend- Donna McDowell (not pictured).

Singing is in their blood. The three sisters along with their cousin– Reverend Darrell Smith began singing at a very young age as part of the church choir at their church Shiloh Baptist in Pauline SC, under the direction of the sisters mother Minnie Peake. They were introduced to Minister Watson (whose father is also a preacher: Reverend George Watson) in 1995 when the sisters father Reverend J. Lewis Peake became the pastor of the church Watson attended. Donna McDowell has been with the group for almost two years.

The group released their first Gospel CD in 2012 entitled “Wait”. Over one thousand copies were sold within six months of their release date. One Purpose is currently preparing to go back into the studio to record their second CD, expecting to be released in the Fall of 2014. The purpose of their ministry is to uplift people and draw them closer to Christ and to each other. They have traveled extensively ministering through songs to do just that.

God has made provisions for them to share the stage with gospel greats such as Tommy Ellison’s Legendary Singing Stars, Doc McKenzie & The Hi-Lites, Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC’s, Harvey Watkins Jr. & The Canton Spirituals, The Jackson Southernaires, Luther Barnes, The Swanee Quintets, Keith “Wonderboy “Johnson, Pea Bo Bryson and The McDonald Sisters. All their success, they owe to God and acknowledge that without Him, they are nothing and can do nothing.


Unveiling of the Wall – Candle Light Service Honorees & Families