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  1. ktimmons says:

    i just want to say that this man is a sick sick man. how and why would he do the things he has done. i know one of the cases. he took the life of my best friends mother. reguardless on what kind of person she was she had children and her daughter really miss her and looked for her several times. how someone can take anothers life not knowing what itll do to their family and those close to their family. my friend now knows what happend to her mother thanks to the halp of monica and i would like to personally thank you because without your help she would still be looking over ger sholder, taking second glances at people and wondering where her mother went. without your help she would still be lost. i know that now she is able to feel at peace she does still miss her mom but she doesnt have to wonder ne more. so thank you so much monica with out you and the help of others alot pf people woukd still be lost

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