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californiadonna-jou-150x150   DonnaJou

Missing From :Los Angeles,CA
Date Missing-06/23/07
Age at  Disappearance:19
Date of birth-10/14/87
Height:63 to 63 inches
Weight: 110  pounds
Hair Color:Lt. Brown
Eye Color:Brown
Identifying Characteristics:ears double pierced. Breast tumor removed several years ago.
Clothing:Exact clothing unknown. Donna was carrying a “Jansport” backpack.

Circumstances of Disappearance: Donna had posted an ad on Craig’s List offering math tutoring. It is possible the person of interest in her disappearance may have initially contacted her requesting tutoring assistance. Donna was picked up by the individual in Rancho Santa Margarita at approximately 5:30pm and traveled on his motorcycle to his residence in the vicinity of the 3600 block of Faris Drive in West Los Angeles. She has not been seen since.

Los Angeles (CA) Police Dept.
Phone:(213) 485-2601



My remarkable Donna,

This year marks the 4th anniversary of your ambiguous disappearance — a tragedy that caused us an irreversible damage.

June 23, 2007 was the beginning of a nightmare I never woke up from.  I was thrown suddenly into a dizzying world of unbelief  parents, then have to learn how to survive  such an unthinkable crises, not knowing what to do and where to look next. I have been through sobbing cries, aching heart, denial, hope, anger, and mourning, a myriad of strange feelings and emotions never felt before and praying for answers every day, every waking moment.

Donna, I think steadily about you during the most sorrowful and terrifying journey of my life. A part of my very own being has been chopped off violently by this horrific loss. You will always be inseparable part of me, I never be the same again.

Donna, we have plead to  the local, state, and federal authorities in charge to ensure justice for you, to RE-OPEN your case and assign a NEW investigative team to start their efforts in full force to find my fallen daughter and to bring you back to us.

We have asked DA of Los Angeles/Mr. Cooley and his capable team to use their finely honed skills to find you instead of relying on BURGESS’ (a CAREER Criminal’s) fabricated story.

I love you so deeply and genuinely my lovely Donna, will never fall out of love with you, I miss you badly my baby, I need you.

Your Dad,




October 14, 2010 is Donna Jou’s 23rd birthday


Today, October 14, 2010 is your 23rd birthday. Our souls ache that we are unable to share your special day with you. The pain we have felt ever since your mysterious disappearance has not abated at all and affect us as profoundly today as it did when we were first notified of your tragic disappearance.  I think of you constantly, every day.  We who love you carry the trauma and pain of your disappearance and we will carry this until you are found or until the day we die.  The memories we have of you we relive over and over again and, while we cherish such warm and wonderful memories, the grief these memories evoke is so painful, yet we know we must persevere and continue to do whatever is humanely possible to bring you back home to your family.

I have tried to stay strong for you Donna and for the rest of the family. It has taken a toll on us all and I have had to seek out some help to help me through the immense grief and suffering I have experienced every day since you have been gone.  But even with that terrible grief and depression I feel every day, the physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion that overwhelms me at times, I will never stop searching for you. I have and will continue to devote the rest of my life to seeing that justice is done, not only for you Donna, but for all the other children who have undergone similar fates and whose families have suffered as we have.

The loss of you, my dear, sweet daughter, has changed my life forever.  I want you to know that no day goes by without my searching or pursuing justice for you in one way or another. There are no days off for me anymore, no holidays, no vacations—–nothing truly exists in my life other than my search for you Donna and, until we find you, I suspect nothing ever will.

We know you were the victim of a vicious, sophisticated human predator whose sick mind conjured up the most sinister plan imaginable.  There are many unanswered questions and I am doing my best to get the answers necessary to determine what really happened to you during that terrible night.  With the help of the divine and the assistance of some good and caring human beings who have the desire to get to the real truth of your disappearance, I still believe in my heart we can bring you back home.

We have suffered a long, grueling and gruesome 1,208 days still without having any credible answers to your disappearance.  We know the answers are out there somewhere. Please be certain of this my dear, your family and friends are still spreading the word and working hard to elicit responses from people who know more to come forward and reveal the truth that will, one way or another, set us free from this terrible state of not knowing what really happened.

I have and will continue to do whatever is necessary to maintain my strength and courage throughout this ordeal.  While I have many days when my world seems to be spinning out of control, I counter that with a sense of hope that you will still one day return to us. Even against all odds and even when things seem not to be going our way, I keep in my memory and I know in my soul that miracles really do happen and that justice will ultimately prevail.

I will never stop believing in miracles Donna.

Happy Birthday my dearest

I love you with my whole heart, my baby

Your dad, Reza




In Memory of Donna Jou
April 23rd, 2010

Donna Jou was a 19-year-old, Honor student at San Diego State University when she disappeared in June 2007 after placing an ad in an online classifieds website looking to earn a few extra dollars tutoring high school kids in math.

When I first learned about the very tragic story of Donna Jou and felt the incredibly palpable anguish of her Dad, Mr. Reza Jou, in a birthday greeting that he posted on the website dedicated to her at, I became even more determined to build a gated classifieds website that only allows users whose identity has been verified. Unlike shopping and auction sites (e.g., Amazon and eBay) where users conduct business mostly by mail, users of online classifieds sites, on the other hand, generally transact business in person. By allowing users to post ads anonymously, these websites create a perfect breeding ground for criminals, who, thriving on anonymity, can hide behind their web browsers and prey on an unsuspecting and trusting public with all kinds of nefarious activities, ranging from fraud to even more dangerous crimes, including rape, robbery, and murder.

In 2009, police arrested John Steven Burgess, a 3 time convicted sexual predator, who confessed to luring Donna to her death after reading her classified ad online. As a father of 2 young girls, I made it my mission in life to build a safer classifieds website so that my two daughters will never have to fear for their lives when using an online marketplace.

Please join me in building a web community where members may participate in all types of activities—trade, commerce or social—free from fear and suspicion. If the SafeList Marketplace can help save just one life, or help prevent just one woman from being raped or prevent just one child from falling into the dangerous world of child prostitution, then we will have made a significant contribution to society. However, with your help, I am convinced that will play a significantly bigger role in cleaning up the web of criminals and make it safer for everyone. We must not allow Donna’s untimely and tragic death be in vain but instead act as a catalyst for us all in creating a better and safer Internet!

Karim Pirani

If you have any information on this case please contact CUE Center For Missing Persons using the contact form below or contact Cue Center at (910) 343-1131 24 hour tip line (910) 232-1687.


All information submitted to CUE Center For Missing Persons is confidential.

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2 Responses to “Donna Jou”
  1. Nili Jou says:

    Donna is my precious daughter who is missing for seven years. We all miss her very much and looking for her. We will never give up and have hope to find her.
    John Steven Burgess who was the last person saw my baby, going to be released from jail on July 24, 2014. The one who fabricate a story what did happened that night in his house and never admit or tell the truth.
    We are asking the officials to open Donna’s case and find our daughter and punish who is responsible for her disappearance what he deserve not a slap on wrist.
    I have hope that we’ll find Donna and this hope is only keep me going.
    I love you Donna with all my hearth and miss you so much. I pray to God that wherever you are to keep you out of harm and bring you home to us safe and soon.

  2. stealingkarma says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I just saw the Dr.Phil episode. I believe he killed he probably drugged her and or tries to rape her. I’d love to believe she is alive but he wouldn’t make up a death story without a death. It is so sick our justice system. My mother had been locked up almost just as long for an addiction she had 5 years ago. She has changed yet still they mess with her lock her up. My fiance was stabbed his stabbed got only 5 years although my fiance was a milimeter away from death. Our system has many flaws. We Americans have gotten lazy we allow what is literally written on old papers to rule what happens in today’s justice system despite what is right and what is wrong. He shouldn’t of gotten off that easy. What is going on in this world. I am sp sorry for your family and your loss.

    God bless Donna Jou