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Below you will find information on what you will need to complete the registration process with our organization.
You can submit your registered case by our online form (see below), postal mail,  fax or in person.

Contact: Community United Effort (CUE) Center for Missing Persons
PO Box 12714 Wilmington, NC 28405
Phone (910) 343-1131 24 Hour Line (910) 232-1687 Fax (910) 399-6137

What you will need to “File your Missing Person”

•    A Copy of your Police – Incident Report: FOIA (See your rights to public documents)
The Freedom of Information Act, also known as the FOIA, is a federal statute that provides the public with the right to request access to records in the possession of federal agencies in the Executive Branch. FOIA establishes a presumption that records are accessible to the people, except for those records protected from disclosure by any of the nine exemptions contained in the law or by one of three special law enforcement record exclusions.

•    Photo (Please email or postal mail when submitting)
•    Advocacy Form: This form is consent to allow our center and caseworkers to advocate on behalf of the victim, promote your case, search for your missing loved one and speak to officials on your case.
•    All family and law enforcement complete contact information
•    cue-missing-report (You can download and print out this form from our web-site)
•    advocacy-form (You can download and print out this form from our web-site & notarize)

What all law officials should know?

Please go to the website provided below and request the packets (request from an approved CODIS lab or department) packet can be mailed to any official law officer or agency. Families can submit samples in the requesting agency’s jurisdiction no matter where the missing person report generated from or remains listed. When submitted for entry into CODIS, a date will be provided for the case investigators records. Once the missing person’s DNA is in CODIS it will automatically be compared against all current entries unidentified persons or human remains and those found in the future. All missing persons DNA should be submitted into CODIS, this is now becoming a common part of data for missing person’s investigations. Below you will find other common tools used to locate or identify missing persons.
•    AFIS
•    NCIC
•    CODIS
•    Dental Records
•    Good Current Photo – to locate and can be utilized for future age progression needs
•    Send county/region/state BOLO out concerning missing person
•    Contact your state clearing house and report the missing person (each state has one)

This is a free service to law officials across the country and assures good information to be obtained nationwide in the identification process of unidentified and or missing persons. The following links will help you in your search for good information. What is CODIS?

What Should I Do If I have A Missing Person?

Search your immediate area where missing person was last seen
Call a friend or neighbor for support this will aid you in recalling important information, write down your notes
Check with family, friends, co workers and people who know your missing person, begin establishing a time line
Call the police or go to your nearest police station and file a report, this must be where the person was last known to be seen
Call the CUE Center and request help for case effort, complete the registration process

What you will need to make a complete police report:

•    1 – 3 current photos
•    Complete names of medicines and what they are taken for, doctors’ names, any handicaps, allergies and medical conditions. How long can the person go without medication?
•    What the person was last wearing-clothing, shoes, head gear or important items.
•    A list of scars, tattoos and their locations and list any artificial limbs or deformities.
•    A list of articles on the person, include braces, jewelry, glasses, contacts lenses, hat, belt, purse, wallet, money, ID, credit cards or any kind of luggage or backpacks.
•    A complete physical description: Colors of hair, eyes, skin, weight, height, build.
•    The description of travel: direction headed, this also means of travel by foot, bike and if in a vehicle list: make, model, year, color, size.
•    A list of places the person frequents, hobbies, work history and other important facts.
•    A total view of the situation, i.e. when the person became missing, including accurate places, times, and dates and who saw your missing loved one last.
•    A list of names with phone numbers and their relationship to the missing person.
After the report is filed:
•    Be sure to obtain a case number, name and contact information of the person in charge of your case; keep detailed notes of everything complete with times, dates and contact; write down all conversations and tips. This will aid you in the stress level to recall facts.
•    File a report with your state clearing house and keep track of the case number.
•    File a report with CUE Center, a caseworker will be assigned to your case.

You have the right

•    To file a missing person report; you are the best to judge your situation concerning your loved one. There is no waiting period to report person missing.
•    Obtain and secure dental records of your missing loved one
•    If available, attach AFIS to your NCIC entry and list vehicle information (if any)
•    Have your DNA entered into CODIS for missing person identification
•    Request a BOLO notification to be sent to local and outside agencies, including media

*No boxes can remain blank when submitting this form. If it does not pertain to your case type in N/A in the field box.

 File Report