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FloridaJerry Michael Williams

Missing From: Tallahassee, Florida
Missing Since: 12/16/00
Age at Disappearance: 31
Date of Birth: 10/16/69
White Male
Height: 5’10
Weight: 170
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Identifying Characteristics: Chicken pox scar on left cheek, previously wore braces on teeth and corrective shoes.
Clothing: Possibly wearing camouflage hunting clothes.
Jewelry: Possibly wearing a “St. Christopher” medal on a gold chain, a watch, and a wedding band on left ring finger.
Nickname: Mike

Circumstances of Disappearance:
Unknown. Jerry, also known as Mike, was last seen leaving his residence in the vicinity of the 5000 block of Centennial Oak Cir. in Tallahassee, FL. He allegedly was going duck hunting at Lake Seminole. His boat and vehicle, described as a green and tan 1994 Ford Bronco, were later found at the lake as well.

Investigative Agency:
Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Submit confidential tip to CUE Center For Missing Persons at (910) 232-1687

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13 Responses to “Jerry Williams”
  1. my name is tyanthony hardy i do belive that the dissaperance of mike was indeed not an accedent but murdered my the wife and father of the wife and current husband of the widow of mike i will try to help look for his killer from my home ibelive that the wife and best friend of mike killed mike and the father in law was sent to the lake to push the boat out onto the water. i am sorry for your lost. mike sounds like a great person also i dont belive that mike ever left the house that cold december morning of 2000 i think that he was killed right there in his home by his wife there so many things the didint look into like the father in law played a very big role in the killing of mike he is the key that needs to open the door to truth i also think that he planted those items inside the wateri also send my the mother and brother of mike.

  2. John Sciarabba says:

    I dont think I know the florida investigaters drop the ball from day one.its so obvious this was staged.follow the money if they did that from day one his wife, her father and best friend would be rotting in prison right now.wouldnt be surprized if there were payoffs in thisinvestigation.they find a hat that looked new later on in water and then waiters and a vest that looked like they were in water for very short time.i have advise for florida officials get off your asses and get the obvious arrest done because everybody in america knows who done it but you .or did they pay off police department!

  3. Gloryvette Ortiz says:

    This case really makes me angry but law enforcement hands are tied, because they have no physical evidence that would tie Denise or her husband to a crime. I think someone should have been watching that lake to see who was planting evidence. Obviously the person who killed Mike and was staging the whole thing. I hope his mother never gives up and the people responsible are brought to justice!

  4. Lizzy Hernandez says:

    Search for human remains on those three houses ,,mike house,best friend and his father house ,surprised!!

  5. Simpson says:

    This is so terrible for Mike’s mom and family. It’s so obvious who the people are that are involved in his disappears but yet nothing has been done. In the meantime those people are living on his life insurance money, in his house and sleeping in his bed. God will take care of them but I pray his mom gets the answers she wants and deserves. I know she and Mike’s brother feel alone but I hope they never give up. The truth always come to light.

  6. dumbell says:

    I just saw the episode today on tv. my initial gut reaction was insurance fraud, because everything seemed staged, and there isn’t any evidence to prove a crime was ever committed. Mike purportedly went to his friend 6 mo prior to his disappearance-big red flag. for an insurance policy of $1MIL second big red flag. If his signature on the policy is not forged, then it confirms suspicion of a possible intent to disappear. The policy amount his wife took out on him seemed less suspect, but only because it may have been staged, like everything else in this case, to appear to look that way.

    The only other scenario is that he was lured or coached by his best friend who visited him at his residence to draw up papers, being that he’s a father now and cares deeply for his child and would want her to be taken care of in his absence. But where is the evidence of a crime? If this is the case then its a perfect crime.

  7. Boom says:

    Money was the motive, more then likely the wife plotted it all along and MIKE WILLIAMS was just her puppet from the start, all this talk about not enough evidence is straight up horse shit! Weve had 16 years of focus on the only person who last saw Mike,who has also been the same person that SAYS he went fishing,what I’m saying is SHE IS HIS ALBIE! Ya I know they found his truck an boat but already we all know mike wasn’t there, an yes with out a doubt the hat an hunting gear was planted, by the best friend more then likely to continue to form/instill a unsmart belief inside everyone trying to work the scene/case.We have a missing person people and we all know what’s happened inside, and we all know EXACTLY WHO HAD EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT.

    Mike was probably driven deeply

    nOW LETS BE LOGICAL AN SOLVE THIS THING ALREADY, all we have to do is get mikes wife an old best friend on the hot bench in COURT so there ass’s may roast in smoke, an AWAY in front of people there LIES WOULD BE uncamoflauged, I mean after all if YOU were mike in this situation wouldn’t you feel fucked up about your wife taking a mill out on you, not letting your daughter be with her GMA AT ALL, AND MARRY THE BEST FRIEND, I shake my head but have no worries or doubt that somebody will quit acting like a deetahdee an da da da do something about this EVIL sadistic truly successful so far so called WiFE, MOTHER!! Demon playing role play with life harming millions all over with hurt for MIKE an all of his loved ones,

    I will continue to pray.

  8. Ramsey says:

    I am a person who loves to see the truth and only the truth .. I am from a world three country called lebanon, and we always see that america is a place were justice is, but when i saw the investigation of jerry william also known as mike , i beleive that mike was murderd and justice will never be taken in such case. I am really so sorry for mikes mother, and i tell her dont give up… Your son was murdered by his wife who is just so happy with the money.. America your a country who brings justice so bring justice to this case

  9. I have ESP says:

    I have a undeniably strong feeling the best friend and ex plotted and carried out this murder. I would bet my life on it. I can tell in there dead eyes.

  10. John Stocksen says:

    Pit the friend and the wife who are now married against each other and turn up the Heat!!!!!! They did it It’s obvious as black& white!!!! I’ve seen people convicted with less!!! GOD help the mother and family. Somebody do your job and solve this for Christ sake!!!!!

  11. The Crusader says:

    This cold case should have already been solved. All the circumstantial evidence indicates that there was foul play involved, and the people responsible for the death of Jerry Michael “Mike” Williams are his spouse (Denise Williams) and his best friend (Brian Winchester). Denise filed a claim against the life insurance policy 20 days after his disappearance, not to mention the sudden memorial requested by Denise. The hat that was discovered in the lake 10 days after the disappearance was most likely placed there by Brian Winchester in order to make it seem like Mike drowned by accident in the lake. Had he drowned, his body would have floated to the top just as the investigators indicated. Then the fact that Mike’s waders and hunting jacket mysteriously were found in the lake around the same time that Denise had submitted the petition to have Mike legally declared dead is key circumstantial evidence that should lead investigators to Denise and Brian. This circumstantial evidence is enough to request a search warrant for the house of newly weds Denise and Brian Winchester. Granted, many years have passed since his disappearance; however, there is most likely a small amount of evidence located inside that residence indicating how he was murdered. Here is my analysis of this cold case after reviewing all the facts. Mike and Denise were having marital problems after the birth of their daughter. During this same time, Denise and Brian became romantically involved. Denise and Brian started falling in love, and they wanted a way to start a new life together. Since Mike had a well paying job, Denise was able to live a comfortable life. Denise wanted to continue living this comfortable life; however, she wanted to live this life with Brian instead of Mike. Denise convinced Mike to take out another life insurance policy using their new daughter as a key reason to take out another life insurance policy. Brian also talked Mike into taking out the life insurance policy since Brian is the individual who served as the broker for Mike’s new life insurance policy. Brian and Denise developed a plan of how they could kill Mike without the authorities linking both of them to the crime. Brian and Denise killed Mike inside their residence, and then placed his body in the back of the Mike’s truck (with trailered boat). Brian drove the truck towards the lake and Denise followed behind Brian in her car towards the lake. In route, they pulled off the road and buried his body in a densely wooded area where his body would never be discovered. They continued to drive to the lake in order to stage the area to make it seem like he died in a boating accident. Mike wasn’t killed at the lake, nor was his body ever even taken to that lake. The key evidence indicating that Mike wasn’t killed at the lake is that there was no blood or evidence of foul play at the lake. The key evidence in this case is located inside the former home of Mike and Denise, which is now the home for Brian and Denise. I strongly encourage investigators to request a search warrant for that home and also for Mike’s truck and trailered boat. That’s where the key evidence is located that will link Denise and Brian to Mike’s death. Also, another way of finding more key evidence is to request the cell phone records for the cell phones owned by Brian and Denise during the night of Mike’s disappearance. Granted, this happened in 2000; however, many individuals already had cell phones during this time. With Brian and Denise driving separate vehicles to dispose of Mike’s body and stage the area, there is a high chance that they called each other at least once while en-route. Investigators can use the cell towers to triangulate the geographical position of Brian and Denise that night of Mike’s disappearance.

    Ms. Cheryl Williams, my heart goes out to you for never giving up! God will soon bring Denise and Brian to justice, and your heart will forever be at peace.

    • solvethiscasealready says:

      For heaven’s sake, isn’t there enough circumstantial and suspicious evidence to get a warrant to search the home of Mike Williams? What does it take? All the evidence points to Mike’s former wife and her new husband. There has got to be a way to bring them in before its too late! This is unreal.

  12. tom hart says:

    the nice part is that brian and denise are stuck with eachother—NOBODY wants to get too close to MURDERERS !!!If the prosecutor had a backbone he would take this to trial— a highly motivated teenager could get a conviction here. Perhaps corruption is also at play here.