Kelly Rothwell

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Missing Since: 03/12/11
Missing From: Clearwater, Florida
Classification: Endangered Missing
Age at Disappearance:35
Date of Birth:01/10/76
White Female
Scars,Marks,Tattoos: Flower tattoo on ankle
Nickname(s) Kel, Kell Bell

Circumstances of Disappearance
Kelly L. Rothwell, 35, of Indian Rocks Beach, Fla., was last seen at about 3:30 p.m. Saturday March 12,2011 as she had lunch with a friend at a restaurant in Pinellas County. An investigation began on Sunday when another friend asked deputies to check on Rothwell at her home where she lives with her boyfriend, 46-year-old David Perry. The friend was concerned for Rothwell’s safety due to “domestic issues” the couple had been experiencing, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

Rothwell, who has not returned repeated calls to her cell phone from friends and relatives, did not show up for class Monday at the Pinellas Police Academy in St. Petersburg. Since starting the program in November, she has not missed a day, authorities said.

Perry, who is a retired corrections officer, has since traveled to New York, but is refusing to talk to police,  He has not been charged.

Police found no signs of Rothwell or Perry during a search of their residence on Sunday,March 13,2011. Rothwell’s abandoned car — a green 2007 Subaru Outback — was found later Sunday March 13,2011 about two miles away.

Her case remains unsolved.

Investigative Agency
Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office



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6 Responses to “Kelly Rothwell”
  1. squeaky1 says:

    I have been following, this case since I learned about it on the Nancy Grace Show. I found out that your organization is now involved as per the Bring Kelly Home website on Facebook. My belief from the beginning was that Kelly was incapacitated or murdered in her condo after she went there to break up with her boyfriend. If murdered, I believe it was done by strangulation and/or suffocation– and then having her head and body banged on the condo floor. Her downstairs neighbors had reported hearing loud thuds coming from upstairs about the time she should have arrived at the condo after leaving a restaurant where she had lunch with a friend. I also believe that her body was put in either garbage bags or perhaps a large duffle bag– and then transported to a commercial dumpster in the area. Since her car was found at a Holiday Inn 2 miles from her condo, I suspected the hotel’s dumpster may have been where her body was placed. Of course there were other commercial dumpsters enroute to that area– but I am still sticking to the one where her car was found. Her body would then have ended up in a landfill. I have not heard that Florida authorities ever used cadaver dogs on any of the dumpsters or in their landfills. Have more to say but will do another post.

  2. squeaky1 says:

    I believe the Rothwell family was notified on March 14, 2011 that Kelly was missing. According to media reports, one of Kelly’s sisters immediately called David Perry — who told her that Kelly failed to show up at a friend’s house. However, she had failed to show up at a planned meeting with colleagues at another restaurant on the evening of March 12th. I don’t know the time frame of the phone call or whether David Perry had already been contacted by the police at that point– but his statement was inaccurate. Did the sister find out this information before the police had even found him? I have read no media reports yet whether the police ever had Kelly’s cell phone pinged to determine her locations after she left the restaurant after having lunch with her friend, Donna. Also her friend, Donna, had received a strangely worded text message about 6:30 pm on March 12th allegedly from Kelly that had many mispellings in which she said she had changed her plans. I sincerely hope that your organization can help to find Kelly and bring closure to the family.

  3. squeaky1 says:

    I still am astounded from media reports about Kelly’s boyfriend receiving a $48,025 annual disability pension from the State of New York plus Social Security Disability benefits — that I estimate to be about $1,500 to $2,000 per month for a supposed back injury sustained while employed as a corrections officer at the Elmira NY Correctional Facility. He retired on a disability pension on February 17, 2005 as per His neighbors in Florida and others –such as some former co-workers– have described him as fit. It was reported that he jogged daily, kayaked, and/or performed other water sport activities. That’s pretty good range of motion for someone with a back injury. Hopefully someone in New York State government and the Social Security Administration will start investigating his alleged disability and the pensions he has been receiving. He seems able bodied to me.

  4. paul says:

    the boyfriend refuses to speak to investigators and apparently will not provide a dna sample. the boyfriend is a retired prison guard but still relatively young in his mid to late 40s. is there any conclusive info as to whether the missing cadet can be placed in Fl after the boyfriend left the state for NY? if not , it is a very difficult task as the whole east coast is a possible dumping ground for her remains. the boyfriend’s son was arrested and released from the Pinellas co. jail due to a disturbance he created at a local beach bar where patrons were giving him a hard time about his father’s involvement. he is probably a very weak link in this although the father is smart enough in all probability not to have said a word to his son. Still , the son is a weak link and should be interviewed intensively. No question about it, the boyfriend is the culprit and only time will tell if the evidence will be obtained to charge him.

  5. Larry Annen says:

    West Florida Investigative Services of St. Petersburg Fl. has been hired to assist in the locating of Kelly Rothwell. We believe that the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and CUE have both done a fantastic job with this investigation.

    WFIS was hired to supplement the investigation, and add to the search profile, assisting where necessary.

    Persons with potential leads, information, or insight who may not want to speak with law enforcement officials, but have something to contribute, can call us 24/7.

    West Florida Investigative Services 727-289-6446

    Should any persons have a possible lead, no matter how small, please call us and you may remain anonymous if you desire.


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