Michael “Bradyn” Fuksa

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Missing since: 07/15/09
Missing from: Olathe, Kansas
Classification: Missing
Age at disappearance: 22
White Male
Height: 6’4
Weight: 185
Hair: Brown
Hair was cut very short when he was last seen; his hair is curly when it gets longer.
Eyes: Brown
Wearing oval shaped, wire rimmed glasses
Jewelry: Silver St. Michaels pendant on a leather cord necklace
No known scars, marks, or tattoos

Circumstances of Disappearance:
Last known contact was on 07/16/09 when he had a flat tire on his 1996 maroon colored Ford Explorer south of Wheatland, Wyoming.  Bradyn’s vehicle was found abandoned later in the day on 07/16/09 along northbound Interstate 25 near mile marker 122 (north of Wheatland, near Douglas) in Converse County, Wyoming.  There is no evidence of foul play but Bradyn’s family is very concerned about his welfare.  Bradyn may be in possession of a 9 mm handgun. He may be carrying a blue Nike bag

Where is Bradyn Fuksa? – Crime Scene KC

Olathe Police Need Your Help Finding Man Missing Since July

No Sign of Olathe Man in Nearly 6 Months

Investigative Agency:
Olathe Kansas Police Department
913-971-7455/ 913-971-6950

If you have any information on this case please contact CUE Center For Missing Persons using the contact form below or contact Cue Center at (910) 343-1131 24 hour tipline (910) 232-1687.


All information submitted to CUE Center For Missing Persons is confidential.



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36 Responses to “Michael “Bradyn” Fuksa”
  1. A says:

    I worked with Braydn for 2 and a half years at Bass pro….. He is such a good guy. I hope he comes home soon, not just his parents are worried about him. He had alot of friends and everyone in very worried!

  2. Ashley says:

    This story has broken my heart, after seeing it on ‘Disappeared’ on Investigation Discovery. I’m desperately praying for the loved ones of Braydn and for his safe return. Bradyn, I know you miss them just as much as they miss you. They don’t care what you’ve done; they just want to talk to you and know you’re okay. Please call or write or go home or contact them in SOME way, ANY way.

    Also, I pray that the family will see this. I found a few things that may help (hopefully).. here it goes.

    I found a profile for a Bradyn Fuksa on hi5. It states that his location is Olathe, KS and his birthday is May 19. However, it does say that he is 24 years old. Also, there is a picture of Oklahoma. It may be someone completely different or it may have been created by Bradyn before he went missing. I just wanted to share in case it helps at all.. The link for this website is http://hi5.com/friend/p383693–Bradyn_Fuksa–html

    Secondly, I found a blog website of someone travelling in the Pacific Northwest. It mentions that he is travelling with someone named Brayden. There is also a few pictures labeled with the name Bradyn. I think it very closely resembles Bradyn, so I wanted to share. This link is http://saymurphy.blogspot.com/

    I sincerly hope and pray some of this information helps somehow. I will continue to pray for his safe return! I can’t imagine what his family and friends are going thru! Stay strong everyone and BEST OF LUCK!

  3. jade says:

    Hi. Just saw bradyn’s story on the show “disapeared”. He seems like a great guy who just got caught up in fear. I was wondering because it wasent mentioned in the show if anyone ever checked his card transactions. It said he transferred money to his account which would mean he either withdrew money somewhere or made a transaction somewhere. Also, his cell phone. Did the parents keep it on for him? Was there a gps signal from it? Not even a call? Did anyone check at truck stops along the way for someone who may have picked up a hitch hiker? Sorry if this is stuff that’s already been checked but it seems there is a lot of holes. Maybe the f.b.I. needs to get involved or a private investigator. Good luck. I hope he gets home safe.

  4. Michele says:

    I just saw “disapeared” featuring this case, and I have a feeling that he is still alive.

  5. Cowboy Mark says:

    I just watched this show on “Disappeared” on the I.D. Channel and feel the need to comment. This was a very distressing show. I am a complete stranger but my heart goes out to the Fuksa family and I think that Bradyn is alive somewhere in the western states or possibly the Pacific Northwest. I feel that is some very good advice to send non-police missing persons flyers to grain and feed stores, Ranch and Home stores, etc… in the Billings, Montana area. Ranches and farms most certainly hire help and cowhands and keep them off of the books. Also, I would recommend tracing the serial number of the 9mm so to see if it has been pawned, thus finding a possible address. I truly sympathize with the Fuksa family and cannot imagine the agony that they are going through. Myself, I can understand the lure of the country and of the mountains as I too escaped the “rat race” of the big cities for country life. Bradyn, if you are reading this post or traveling through Washington I am asking that you please contact me. I have sent a request to your hi5 website and you can also reach me through facebook. There is nothing to fear, Bro about returning to Kansas. These charges are NOTHING and I doubt there will be any jail time as a first offender. Myself and thousands of others are praying for your safety and for your family’s strength. I understand the attraction of the country, mountains, etc… I am a mountain man, fisherman and horseman also. Many of us, including myself wish to AVOID society in general. However your family is extremely worried about your well being. Please call them to let them know that you are OK or contact me online. You can trust me, as I too am a practicing Catholic. Please contact your family or contact me. We all wait for the good news that you are safe.

    Afterthought, yes this photo does resemble Bradyn, (name spelling notwithstanding) http://saymurphy.blogspot.com/

  6. Dana Baker says:

    Our home is on the edge of an open space and there is a young man who is living out there because we see him walk out of the area and onto a highway and then we have seen him walk back up the hill – he is tall, wearing an overcoat, I have even seen him in the Safeway store once at the bottom of the hill, he is clearly living out in the Lime Ridge Open Space somewhere. I am not say that it is for sure Braydon but with his height it could be, I think it would be worth checking.
    Thank you. If I get a close up look at him again since I have seen Braydan on ID I will see if I think it is him, the age would definitely be right.

  7. Jen Shipley says:

    I’m sure they’ve checked all of those things Jade. Questions are frequently left unanswered on tv shows due to continuity problems and/or time restraints. There is only so much they can say in an hour.

    I’m also certain that the police would have checked on the handgun Cowboy Mark.

    The only thing that can bring Bradyn home at this point is Bradyn. He needs to man up and do the right thing. Everyone is being very sympathetic towards Bradyn, but I am more concerned about his parents. I just can’t imagine doing something like this to my parents on purpose. They say he was a loving, caring guy, but that just doesn’t jibe with what he has done. If he really loved his parents, or cared about anyone other than himself, he would of been unable to put them through such horror. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Unless there is something else going on here, like child abuse or some other reason that he would want to hide from his family, Bradyn is not the victim. His parents are.

    And I am not letting the cops off the hook either. The thing that most angered me about this situation was that the police officers intimated to Bradyn that he was in much more trouble than he actually was. Cops often use this tactic to scare someone into making a confession. I can see a guy who has never been in any trouble before believing law enforcement that he would be sentenced to prison. It’s ridiculous and these officers should be reprimanded. Still, a 22 year-old man, even if he has never been in any legal trouble before, should have been smart enough to do some research before he assumes that he will go to prison for such a minor thing. I know most people think that the police are not allowed to lie, but in reality it’s just the opposite. They can pretty much say anything they feel like to solve a case. Why they would need to do so in this case boggles the mind. If the show can be believed, he immediately admitted what he had done and returned the money. Why the strong-arm tactics?

    That is still no excuse for disappearing, merely a reason, and a very poor one at that. Yes you did something stupid and got caught. You don’t then compound your problems by running from them and creating brand new ones!

    I really hope that Bradyn sees the light. Maybe he will see the show and realize what he is doing to his parents. Although he must already know that this is killing his parents, which leads me to believe he just doesn’t care. Hopefully Bradyn will think about someone other than himself and turn himself in. His parents seem like good, honest, loving people and they don’t deserve this. A little bit of maturity may be enough for Bradyn to see the error of his ways. Go home Bradyn…

  8. dave says:

    I saw the show and i was wondering one thing, what was wrong with Michaels Ford Explorer? It Mentioned that he had had a flat but after he got that fixed and drove on and then it was left. I really hope he comes home to you all. :( i have a son about his age and if something like this happened to him i would be worried out of my mind. I have a feeling he will show up one day. keep the faith. :)

  9. Bamadan says:

    I feel that the guy who changed Bradyn’s flat tire has something to do with the dissapearance. Just my theory, but Bradyn could have told the guy some of his story, and so the guy knew no one would know where Bradyn went for sure. then, when Bradyn went to pay the guy, he might have seen the large amount of cash Bradyn had, and he could have seen Bradyn as an easy target. He could have then gotten in touch with an accomplice while Bradyn was waiting on him to fix the flat. They kill and rob Bradyn and dispose of the body somewhere in remote Wyoming never to be found. The guy who worked at the gas station who called the flat tire guy might even be connected. The tire repairman, or his accomplice, then move Bradyn’s vehicle farther up the road to make it look like Bradyn had gotten back in his vehicle and left on his own…taking the spotlight completely away from the tire repairman.
    I would love to know if the detectives even thought about this possibility, or if they investigated it at all.
    I don’t give detectives any benefit of the doubt as to whether they explore all avenues.

  10. Betty says:

    I saw the story of Bradyn and I thought maybe he is working on a ranch in one of the states they mentioned in the TV story about him. Doesn’t Wyoming, Montana, and even Canada have ranches where Bradyn might be working as a ranch-hand? It’s worth checking. And prayers to his family.

  11. Betty says:

    I wanted to add to what I have already submitted and here it is:

    I think Bradyn’s parents should have as many billboards put up as possible with information asking people for help finding Bradyn and also telling Bradyn (on the billboard) that they will help him through this problem he is having and the best thing for him to do is to CALL HOME NOW and they will work the problem out together.

  12. wyogirl says:

    I really doubt that the tire repairman had anything to do with it. People in Wyoming are helpful, and while there are criminals everywhere, I do not believe he did anything. Why would Bradyn even show anyone how much money he had??? that would be stupid. If anything, I bet a truck driver would be the first one to harm him. Those guys are not to be trusted. I live in Wyoming in a small town a couple hours away from where his vehicle was found. There are so many small towns in this state and he could be living anywhere. There are also many ranches that hire young men. Wyoming doesn’t have many people who live here (thank god) and such wide open spaces he could have changed his name and be living anywhere. I am sure they have looked into everything in this case. I’m sure they’ve even looked at all the hospitals in the state to see if he’s checked in. I know I’ll be on the lookout for him. For all we know, he could be living somewhere in the mountains in Wyoming, or he could even be close to his home with a new identity. I feel bad for his family. Someone needs to get posters out everywhere in this state because I’ve not heard of him until I saw the tv program. Hopefully he will just show up on his parents doorstep soon. Sad.

  13. I was watching the ID channel and saw the story of Braydn. I never forget eyes, It was Christmas 2010, Kangaroo Gas Station , on the corner of Alt 27 and Rt 24 in Bronson Florida. I went to get a paper, when I saw a homeless man washing his feet in a mud puddle. This is a small town and we very seldom see any homeless. I went into get my paper and when I was in the store I purchased a cup of coffee and two hotdogs, and told the lady their was a homeless man outside that I was sending in for something to eat. I went back outside and told him, he never said a word, he walked inside and on his way he looked me in the eyes and nodded his head. He asked the cashier if she could get him the food , for his hands were dirty and he did not want to touch anything. He was very polite.
    This man had long brown hair and a beard,he was taller than I am , I am 5’8 but he was young, handsome, well brought up and polite. The way he talked you could tell he was well educated but shy. When I saw his eyes they stuck in my head and when I saw them on TV I got the same feeling.
    Maybe you can use this and maybe you cannot, I just had to tell you, something made me write Braydon name down. My prayers are with you.
    Anne Reynolds

  14. Jon says:

    Shouldn’t that homeless shelter have CCTV, or the surrounding area at least? They could check to see if that woman actually saw him on that day.

    Very sad. From the sounds of it he would have told his parents eventually.

  15. Ashley says:

    Have a heart. He was scared. I seriously doubt his parents would approve of the awful things you said about him.

  16. amy says:






  17. Emma says:

    Is it possible he became schizophrenic? The early 20s is the typical age of onset for men. Sounds a lot like the story about the guy who went into Alaska (a movie was made about it called Into The Wild). It’s an incredibly sad story and I hope he comes home safely soon.

  18. Robin says:

    I just watched Bradyns episode. It seems odd that a kid that close with his family would completely walk away but who knows? People do strange things under pressure. I googled his name to see if he had been found, and I came across this site. Quite a detective Ashley is! I looked at the pics she found against the tv & the features are certainly similar! And based on what his family said about him its believable that he could easily blend into the climbing/outdoor living culture. If it is him I’m glad he’s alive but if Ashley could find this info why wouldn’t his family, friends or the police have found it by now? Whatever happened I wish his family peace.
    Here is the post I’m referring to:

    Ashley says:

    November 17, 2010 at 4:44 am

    I found a blog website of someone traveling in the Pacific Northwest. It mentions that he is traveling with someone named Bradyn. There is also a few pictures labeled with the name Bradyn. I think it very closely resembles Bradyn, so I wanted to share. This link is http://saymurphy.blogspot.com/

    *Not sure how but I’d be interested in chatting with Ashley – could you give her my email if she reads this & requests it? Thank you.*

  19. bob says:

    I’m with Jen Shipley here…
    This is an adult, not a boy, and he stole twice– that is know/discovered: Money from his employer, and a handgun from his own parents. He had a good life and he rather steal what he wanted than borrow from good family member? Why steal a handgun when he own his own? People want to ignore that important fact.
    Of course he was frightened that he was facing consequences for his actions, but has anyone considered that that offense is the tip of the iceberg, because running from a “first offense” does not make sense. It is common knowledge that 1st offenses lead to probation, and not jail. So, what was he running from that is still unknown?
    He was embarrassed, he would have been exposed for his behavior that he had been able to hide from all before this arrest.
    Combine that with the obvious decision to compound his lie with another theft and lies of his plans to his roommate (who would (unknowingly) be stuck with the rent now), then the deliberate secret run and now no contact with his family. (If he perished that is of course, excused, but it’s too strange that a body has not been found)
    Re-think who you think this guy is, because the sympathy is getting in the way of figuring out the real story.
    About the Police: They lie routinely, and the only way to avoid that is to not break the law…or shut up completely in their presence. Even though, cops who do this are on an ego trip and need to be reprimanded, but the law allows them to lie so what recourse does anyone have? None, but to stay out of their path.

  20. derek says:

    i just saw the show on disappeared and was shocked that they didn’t find more of a trail that Brayden would have left. he didn’t have money, so where could he of gone? it takes money to survive these days, to eat, drink, and get shelter. even f he was living in the wilderness, they would have had a sighting by now. in the show, they showed a truck stop and his father said he would have no problem talking someone into giving him a ride. if you ask me, maybe he hitched a ride with some crazy person who could have harmed brayden. the police should have looked into that more. i hope that isn’t the case, but it should be considered don’t you think?

  21. Tiffany says:

    I just watched this on Disappeared ID. I was so touched by this story. Bradyn seems like such a nice young man. His eyes tell it all of how kind and outgoing he must have been.

    I find it very strange that he would just run because of what happen. I would have been afraid too. But to be on the run for so long like that without contacting anyone? It just doesn’t add up. Well… I guess time can escape from you. What seems like only weeks or months to you can be years in real life. And he probably is thinking that he will be in more trouble if he returns because he ran away and as been gone for so long.

    I hope that if Bradyn is alive, that he is able to go home to his family. My prayers are with the family and with Bradyn ♥

  22. monica says:

    We have forwared this information on, thank you

  23. Kathlyn says:

    I feel that I am more than positive that I have talked with him multiple times . Looks so familiar

  24. Kathlyn says:

    So sad:(

  25. Sherry says:

    It saddened me after watching about Bradyn on dissapeared, but I lived in Yellowstone for a season and drove from there to Vail to work for another season and there is so many ranches he could of gotten a job on. He could be lost for years and years. The statue of limitations is seven years for stealing. He could work that long until he no longer can be convicted any longer. It is sad that law enforcement makes it so hard for people to pay the piper. I know it is hard to face the crime and hard to do the time. And once you do the time, it is hard to get a job. All the criminal checks and then no one wants to give you a chance to work for them. Christ forgives all sin but humans harbor the crimes long after you have done paid the price and this is why so many people do not want to face the punishment. Wyoming is absolutely beautiful and he may never come back.

  26. Joyce Dufresne says:

    I just saw the show Disappeared (July 2012) and I was so touched by the disapperance of Bradyn. I still have tears for him and his family. Only God knows the truth and God will bring Bradyn back to his parents in HIS time. I firmly believe that. God be with Bradyn and his parents. My love and prayers go out to Bradyn and his parents.

  27. Nita says:

    To Bradyn’s parents, my heart aches for you both. I simply cannot imagine Bradyn intentionally causing you this grief. Something happened that we’re not aware of, to cause him to leave his wonderful family. We are praying for his safe return.

  28. dana says:

    Are there any updates on Bradyn? I feel so bad for him and his family. Hope he is found safe!

  29. CJ says:

    Here is my wild guess where he went:

    He was involved in some other low-level crimes, maybe drugs, or selling stolen items. He was afraid the theft investigation would discover these other crimes, putting him at risk of a prison sentence. Contrary to some reports, the only strong-arm tactics the police used were “we know [they lied, they merely suspected] you did other crimes besides this theft; admit them now or go to jail!” The police have some evidence of the other crimes but are not making it public because they want him to come out of hiding.

    He had an acquaintance in WY or Montana, either someone who had been involved with crimes or maybe a girlfriend he met on the Internet who would let him live off the radar with her. His plan was to go live there.

    A few miles after the car repair in WY he noticed a police car driving near him. He got scared. The police car drove out of sight, but it got him thinking. Until the tire repair he had had no contact with anyone. The mechanic had taken down his ID # for a repair receipt. He got scared the mechanic may have put his name and VIN in a national database as part of his normal paperwork. If so, at any moment the local police might be notified that a fugitive’s car had been repaired in the area. He either called his acquaintance to pick him up, hitchhiked, or stole/hijacked a car.

    This state of fear caused him to take more irrational actions. His acquaintances were criminals, perhaps more hardened, who urged him to participate in more serious and/or risky crimes. He either was killed in one of those activities or was driven further underground. If he contacted any friends or family, it was along the lines of “I accidentally killed someone. I’m so sorry. Don’t tell anyone I’m alive.”

    If the mechanic had been responsible for his disappearance, he wouldn’t have left the receipt in the car. Without that receipt, investigators may never have known about the mechanic.

    Bradyn’s theft was not a one-time crime of desperation caused by financial problems. He could have turned to family or gotten a part-time minimum wage job to pay his half of the rent and buy groceries. He often visited his parents; he could have had some free meals there or even moved back in if necessary.

    He didn’t start out as a hardened criminal. One thing led to another: drug use, drug dealing, petty theft, felony theft at work, running from the law, serious violent crimes.

    That’s all my wild guess. He could be a sweet honest man who made a mistake or a total psychopath. This was all guessing on my part.

  30. Roommate says:

    All really interesting thoughts… However, the TV show lied about a lot of the information. The people on the show lied and half of them didn’t even need to be on the show. For example, Megan “Loach” or whatever fake last name they gave her didn’t need to be on the show. She was his fuckbuddy. They were “together” for like, a month, before he left. All of her information is useless. She also went batshit crazy after he left and supposedly tried to off herself for a few weeks because of it. Alana, Bradyn’s high school girlfriend, didn’t need to be on the show either. She came to our townhome twice, tops. I knew Bradyn since we were 16 and I met her a hand full of times. Her statement about him having guns in the townhome was false. There were no guns or weapons of any kind in the place we had in Lawrence. Where she got that idea is beyond me. Bradyn frequently ignored phone calls from family members and from his employers. Bottom line, He stole money to pay for his half of rent, got caught, went to jail for the night. That experience and the cops freaked him out so much that he decided to leave. He is a grown man and can do what he wants. How do I know all this? Because I was his roommate. I refused to be on the show because the entire concept is stupid. He’s an adult. Since when can adults not do whatever the fuck they want?

  31. Mandy says:

    I think he was freaked out and left. I also think he has contacted his parent’s and they know where he is but he wants to stay and they are not saying anything for fear he will go on the run. They were calm and looking on the web they have not posted anything even made a Facebook page for him. The show probably approached them and if they didn’t do it people would start asking questions and they might get in trouble for wasting law enforcements time. The roommate knows this too. The girlfriends were only getting their 5 min of fame!!

    This is my thought!

  32. Michelle says:

    Brayden Jones is a stunt man that has done stunts in the movie Red with Bruce Willis so I am pretty sure that for someone who wants to keep a low profile there would be no way that he would start appearing in the credits of movies and on someone’s blog, I think that some people spend too much time on the internet.

  33. Marissa says:

    Did anyone notice that the last text to his Girlfriend was really cold. Goodbye he said. He left her as if he never planned to see her again. For what reason? Anyone else notice that the ex girlfriend and new girlfriend had two opposite opinions of what kind of person Bradyn was? I also have a warrant for my arrest out of another state, I didn’t just walk away from my whole life, I fled state and maintain a very frequent relationship with my family. So that theory I am going to have to say makes no sense. ALSO, why would bradyn have work done on his car fork over the doe and then abandon his vehicle!?? Nobody would and its just not right and his story is really haunting me.

  34. Heather says:

    I have two theories. One he is living in the wilderness(since his family said he enjoyed the outdoors and its easy to hide there. His family even said he KNEW how to hunt since five) or he took his life ( out of fear of imprisonment). He is a very good looking guy. A face that would stick in your mind for life. If someone DID spot him they wouldnt forget. I hope he is found and that he faces reality that running was never the answer. Problems will catch up with you. Time will tell and I hope time is on his parents side. That he is safe.

  35. saleh says:

    i have a strong feelings that the mechanic has something to do with bradyns disappearance…….why did he had to change the tyre if he was going to abandoned his car !!!! otherwise he’s in need for each cent for his long road..(and also the story of he was heading to a university or school ,, i didn’t buy that from him ! i have a hunch that man knows a lot more ..

  36. HmmCurious says:

    Has the roommate been properly investigated?

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