Missing Persons

What Should I Do If I have A Missing Person?

  1. Search your immediate area where missing person was last seen
  2. Call a friend or neighbor for support and aid in recalling information
  3. Check with family, friends, co workers and people know your missing person
  4. Call the police or go to your nearest station and file a report
  5. Call the CUE Center and request help for case effort

What you will need to make a complete police report:

  1. 3 current photos
  2. Complete names of medicines and what they are taken for, doctors’ names, any handicaps, allergies and medical conditions.
  3. What the person was last wearing-clothing, shoes, etc.
  4. A list of scars, tattoos, or any artificial limbs
  5. A list of articles on the person, examples include braces, headgear, jewelry, glasses, lenses, hat, belt, purse, wallet, money, ID, credit cards, etc.
  6. A complete physical description: color of hair, eyes, skin, weight, height, build, etc.
  7. The description of travel: direction headed, the means of travel (if car-make, model, year, color, size)
  8. A list of places the person frequents
  9. A total view of the situation surrounding the when the person became missing, including accurate places, times, and dates
  10. A list of phone contacts and their relationship to the missing person

After the report is filed:

  • Be sure to obtain a case number and name of the person in charge of your case from the police.
  • File a report with your state clearing house and keep track of the case number.
  • File a report with CUE and we will provide a C94 which is the case number and caseworker assigned to your case.

You can file a report on this website or call directly 24 hours a day (910) 232-1687.

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