Florida-Diana Harris

Missing Since: 07/15/81 Missing City: Big Pine Key , Monroe County Missing State: Florida

Missing Since: 07/15/81
Missing City: Big Pine Key , Monroe County
Missing State: Florida
Date of Birth: 10/06/53
Age at disappearance: 27
Gender: Female
Race: White
Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair Color: Strawberry blonde
Hair (other): short, natural curl
Eye Color: Blue
Complexion: light

Characteristics: sometimes wore glasses, had full dentures on top or bottom and partials on opposite side, manicured nails-usually painted

Clothing: no pinks usually, usually blue jeans, sometimes wore turquoise strapless halter top and cut off shorts, dress shirts and t-shirts

Jewelry: turquoise jewelry, silver

Circumstances: Diana’s daughter last saw her on June 7, 1981 at the Miami airport. Her children were leaving to visit their father. She was last known to live at the end of Tortuga Ln. on No Name Key, Florida, although some sources say she lived at Big Pine Key. The 1995 case files state No Name Key. 1981 case files were destroyed by the Sheriff who held office at that time as told by the the Sheriff in Monroe County today and indicated in the 1995 case files. It is unknown who Diana was last seen with. The family believes her disappearance is linked to Missing Person Tom Stump’s case since the same people were questioned in both cases and the same person lived with each when Diana and Tom disappeared even though it the disappearances were 14 years apart.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office
Phone: 305-289-2410



Far Left: Harris wearing a wig ; Harris, circa early 1970’s


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