Kentucky-Heather Teague

Missing since: 08/26/95
Missing from : Spottsville, Henderson County, Kentucky.
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: 04/25/72
Age at disappearance: 23 years old
Height: 5’1″
Weight:90-100 lbs.
Distinguishing Characteristics: White female.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Fair skin.
Marks, Scars: Teague has scoliosis and as a result has a noticeable curvature of the spine. She also has a round, red birthmark on her right buttock.
Clothing: Red plaid bathing suit (it was found near the abduction site).
DNA: Available in CODIS

Circumstances of Disappearance
Teague was sunbathing at Newburgh Beach in Henderson County, Kentucky on August 26, 1995. A witness was observing the beach area through a telescope from across the Ohio River at approximately 12:45 p.m. The witness told authorities that he saw a Caucasian man approach Teague at that time. The abductor allegedly grabbed Teague by the hair and dragged her into the woods off of Newburgh Beach at gunpoint. The abductor was approximately 6’0 and weighed 210 to 230 pounds. He had brown hair and a bushy brown beard. The suspect was wearing jeans and did not have shirt. He was also reported to be wearing a wig and a mosquito net at the time he abducted Teague.

Authorities searched the Newburgh Beach area later in the day and discovered part of Teague’s bathing suit near the alleged abduction site. Additional evidence was also located, but nothing investigators found could lead them to Teague’s whereabouts. She has never been heard from again.

Marvin “Marty” Dill, a resident of Henderson County, Kentucky, had been pulled over during a routine traffic stop by police in February 1995, six months prior to Teague’s disappearance. A photograph of him is posted below this case summary. Dill matched the description of Teague’s abductor and also drove a red and white Ford Bronco, which was identical to a vehicle a witness reported was parked next to Teague’s car on Newburgh Beach. Authorities discovered a hair resembling Teague’s, two guns, two knives, duct tape, rubber gloves and rope in Dill’s vehicle at the time of his February 1995 traffic stop. The truck had bloodstains on the inside tailgate. Dill also strongly resembled the composite sketch made of Teague’s abductor.

Investigators received several tips connecting Dill to Teague’s case in August 1995 and arrived at his home to question him. Dill reportedly told his wife to leave their residence after becoming alerted to law enforcement’s prescence. He then committed suicide by shooting himself before officers could enter his home.

Prosecutors compiled available evidence against Dill after his death and brought the information before a grand jury. Dill’s wife was called as a witness during the grand jury phase, but she invoked her Fifth Amendment rights and refused to answer any questions about Teague’s abduction.

Investigators believe Below may have attacked other women who physically resembled Fetzer. Both Teague and Fetzer had long dark hair and were about 5’0 and 100 pounds. Below was known to be in the general area when Teague was abducted, but shortly after her disappearance, on the same day Dill committed suicide, he left Kentucky. He, Dill and Teague share some acquaintances. Although the witness to Teague’s abduction consistently identified Dill and not Below as the kidnapper, authorities believe they have circumstantial evidence to tie Below to the crime. They believe he and Dill may have done it together; perhaps one grabbed Teague and the other drove the getaway car. Below has not been charged in connection with Teague’s case, however, due to a lack of conclusive evidence linking him to the crime.

Teague’s disappearance remains unsolved. Foul play is suspected due to the circumstances involved in her case.


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Kentucky State Police
Detective Tim Rascoe


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