This unidentified male was found deceased in the woods, north east of the junctions of Winchester Road and Ritson Road in rural Oshawa on March 14th, 2012. His age is approximately 20-40. His teeth were a full set and were very well taken care of.
Sad that he is deceased and even sadder is that no one has identified him as of yet. Here is the NEW image, Postmortem Facial Reconstruction of the unidentified male. Please pass this poster around, you never know who will recognize him. After all, everyone deserves to be identified. Everyone is loved and someone special, right?
When you come into this world, the world rejoices and when you leave this world it would be nice if the world celebrated your life, but lying in a morgue unclaimed just doesn’t feel right to me. Unfortunately the stats are pretty high for missing people- there are approx 109, 000 missing persons and 40-60,000 Unidentified remains through the FBI NCIC – Federal Bureau of Investigation National Crime Information Center.
Lets work together as a strong team and give this guy his name back so he Can Rest in Peace. (I am sure he has a family, and they must be worried/wondering what happened to him)