Illinois-Park Forest, Will County, Illinois-UNID

Unidentified White Male

* The victim was discovered on October 9, 2008 in Park Forest, Will County, Illinois
* Estimated Date of Death: 3.5 Months
* State of Remains: Mummified

Vital Statistics

* Estimated age: 50-60 years old
* Approximate Height and Weight: 5’5″.
* Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair. He was well-muscled and somewhat robust.
* Skeletal Findings: Ante mortem fractures all healed, four right ribs, three left ribs, right clavicle, both sides of nose. Slight scoliosis.
* Other: The deceased was a smoker and had a Zippo lighter with a Polish flag and the word “Poland” on it. What was left of a small black and green backpack that might have been his was nearby.
* Clothing: Route 66 Khaki pants, brown, size 34/32; short sleeve button down blue and white striped shirt; State Street brand, brown loafers, size 13.
* Fingerprints: One thumb and one index finger print were obtained.
* Dentals: Dental work is consistent with Eastern European dentistry. Full forensic dental description, photographs and x-rays available. Teeth 2-13 is a fixed partial denture made of porcelain and semi precious metal; number 3,5,7,10,12 are removed and replaced with a bridge; numbers 2,4,6,8,9, 11, and 13 are all restored and form part of the bridge.
* DNA: Submitted.

Case History
The victim was found hanging from a tree at the Thorn Creek Nature Preserve, several hundred yards from the roadway at 23450 Western Avenue, in Park Forest, Illinois on October 9, 2008.
The coroner’s office checked with local police for missing persons that may have matched, but all of those were ruled out.

Getting DNA extracted from The Hanging Man’s bones proved difficult. The lab the coroner’s office usually uses was unable to perform the procedures successfully.
Will County Sheriff’s evidence technicians were able to get fingerprints from the mummified fingers, but no match was found in any data system. Nicotine was the only drug that was found in his system.

If you have any information about this case please contact:
Gene Sullivan
Will County Coroner
or CUE Center For Missing Persons
24 Hour Tip Line (910) 232-1687