Arizona-Unidentified Female-Phoenix, AZ

Name: AZ – Jane Doe 0040
Classification: Unidentified
Investigative Case #: 97-2708
Dental Charts Available: Y
DNA Available:Y
Skeletal Remains (y/n): Y
Located Date: 1997-10-04
Date of Death From: 1997-10-03
Area Found: Phoenix, AZ
Approximate Age: 18-30
Height: 62 inches
Weight: 130 pounds
Race: White
Race (Other): Or Hispanic.
Complexion: Medium
Hair Color: Brown
Hair (Other): Curly, 9.5
Eye Color:Brown
Identifying Characteristics:Round scars on right hand, acne scars on face.
Clothing:Carried money from Mexico, size 13 blue jeans, white tank top, size 28 brown belt, black bra (size 38C), white “Reebok” athletic shoes.
Jewelry: Gold hoop earrings.
Circumstances: Unknown. Victim’s remains were located on October 4, 1997 near 34th St. and Broadway Rd. in Phoenix, AZ. Cause of death has been determined to be dehydration and hyperthermia.

Primary Investigating Agency
Investigative Agency: Maricopa County Medical Examiner
Phone: (602) 372-1126