Washington- A-1100 Road, Vance Creek, near Elma

The remains of a Native American female were found on October 24, 1988, on the A-1100 Road, Vance Creek, near Elma. She was of medium to stocky build, between 58 and 62 inches in height. Her approximate age range may be from 22 to 35 years. She had a Sapphire and 10k gold earring and a silver ring with a pearl. This ring was sold by Avon during the winter of 1981. She died from homicidal violence. Her dental chart is available. The accompanying likeness is from a clay reconstruction of what she may have looked like. Her Coroner’s Case is #88-224. The following clay reconstruction was done by Detective Doug Smythe of the Grays Harbor County Sherriff’s Department.

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