“On The Road To Remember” Missing Persons Tour

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The Route is almost complete, if you plan on hosting a stop request it now!

October 20th through the 28th of 2017 we will set out on tour again to revive cold case of the missing, unsolved homicide and those who have not yet been identified. If you have a case and would like to be considered to be featured in this years tour, host a rally stop or event, please contact CUE as soon as possible to assure you or your stop can be honored. States we will be traveling through are: NC, SC, GA, FL, AL and out west states are to be determine. You can submit your county and state for consideration often times we are able to include them. Contact cuecenter@aol.com



A rally stop is a place that is pre set by anyone who wishes to host one “see below” for suggested person(s). Once a location is secured CUE will inform the host of time and date of arrival. Each stop is one hour and a half  long for whatever program the host wishes to have and feature;  this is your time to bring an awareness to your community of missing persons and your loved one.


Candle light or prayer vigils, clothes line display project, lantern launch
Balloon release, flower toss, butterfly release, roadside displays or demonstrations
Display Board, Banners, Signs, Marques
Guest Speakers; law enforcement, town/state dignitaries, community leaders, pastor, etc.
Tribute performances (vocal or dance)
Tables set up for displays of missing persons photos and information
Public event or safety activities
Invite the families of unsolved homicide, missing,  public, family, friends and media (our team will aid in media coverage)

The most important thing is to be creative in your rally stop, have many visuals, invite guest, families of the missing and more…


Police – Sheriff or police departments
Government agencies, i.e. Mayor, town hall
Parking lots of stores that have frontage or businesses alike
Home of the families of the missing
Parks of any kind or large grassy areas
Local churches, schools, community buildings

National Tour Purpose and Inspiration

leahoveralls The annual tour was created to generate new interest in cold cases of missing people across our nation. The inspiration came in 2004 from the case of North Carolina college student Leah Roberts, who had gone on a cross-country trip of self-exploration. Her wrecked and abandoned vehicle was found, but Leah is still missing. Leah’s case went cold and interest faded until CUE volunteers set out on a grueling 14-day trip to retrace her route and inform the media of all those who were missing in the path of the tour. In the years to follow, it only seemed right to keep hope alive after families across the country voiced the need for more help and supported the tour idea.

National Tour Objective

The national road tour, called “On the Road to Remember,” is an awareness campaign that focuses on missing persons cases that have gone cold or have not received appropriate media coverage on the local level – much less the national level.. The tour, which travels through many states annually, provides that attention.

In all cases of missing people, it is vital to inform the public of the missing person’s circumstancesO quickly and to disseminate that information to the media and the public. In most cases where details are released immediately to the public through an organized campaign, the public brings forth information that aids in the investigation and or the location of the victim. The media plays a significant role in getting the word out on the behalf of the missing person and should be recognized as a vital resource to any investigation.

Interest in many of the cases we have featured in previous tours has been renewed. The media has learned about local cases they were unaware of; case investigations have been renewed, and searches conducted. Information has resulted in new leads in some cases, and has even helped identify an unknown decedent and in 2008 solved a cold case of twenty eight years. And finally, each tour some of the missing featured have been found from various efforts, which is the main reason we conduct the tour despite the toll it takes on our all-volunteer staff.

It is the belief of the CUE Center for Missing Persons that all investigations, the public, volunteers and the media should work in collaboration on cases involving missing children and adults; until this happens, their will continue to be cases of the missing labeled “cold” or “inactive.”


All vital stats on missing person
Agency and law enforcement contact numbers and web sites concerning missing person
Written consent for your missing person to be featured in the national tour line up




21 Responses to ““On The Road To Remember” Missing Persons Tour”
  1. Lori says:

    Thank you, Monica, and CUE Center staff for getting this tour on the road, and for making it a success. The emotions of the events in each state, for each missing person, isn’t easy to capture in photos, but I think you did. I will support your efforts in anyway I can.

    Perhaps by this time next year, I’ll be able to be a better “bridge: for you in Maryland.

    Thanks again,

  2. Donald Ross says:

    Would love to see you all in MO again. But there are a lot of states and we don’t want to be greedy. Thanks for the time you spent with and the energy you brought to us.

  3. DoubleDash says:

    I hope you can include Joshua Guimond on your next tour. He has been missing for nine years from the campus of St. John’s University, and no one seems to care. think the university and sheriff’s dept. just want the case to fade away in the public’s mind, and unfortunately it looks like they are getting their wish. This is so sad and unfair to Joshua and his family.

    Thank you for everything you do. I know you don’t do it to gain credit or accolades, but the fact is, you are heroes for what you do. Thank you!!!

  4. Your STOP in VIDOR was such a major BLESSING.
    Just was’nt enough time so we could at least have a conversation.
    GOD BLESS you and all your precious CREW.Luvnhugs dede & dale

  5. Patricia Robb says:

    Thanks for keeping these missing persons in the spotlight. Someone knows where they are. I think of someone like Jaycee Dugard. Here she was right under our noses, but we had forgotten about her case. It is groups like yours that will keep their names and faces alive.

    I feel so helpless when people go missing. I want to help, but am never sure what to do except pray, pray and pray often for them. I feel I am keeping their memory alive in my heart, but I also hope wherever they are they feel the prayers and know someone is thinking of them.

    I feel for everyone, but in particular children who are so helpless and would have no resources to protect themselves or as they grow older know what to do. Children tend to believe what they are told.

    Thanks again for your efforts and if you ever come to Canada I would love to be involved. We have many missing children and people here as well.


  6. Shalon Thomas says:

    Hey Monica. Will you be stopping in Alabama again. We would love for you to add Tabitha Franklin(Tabby) to the tour again. Contact me or Stacey. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done and are still doing. Love you and God Bless<3

  7. Karen Stratton says:

    Thank you for helping voice the missing/murder cases that has went cold. It is great admiration that your team, including all the puppies, and yourself help with the flyers, tools, and education.

    Mother of Jody Ledkins

  8. terri erskine says:

    on behalf of my family and friends, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the rally stop in fresno for my son casey berry! while I know we were dissapointed by the press, I know things happen beyond our control! ( boy howdy!!)but I have to say, It was an experience we will all remember!!! HEE HEE!
    thanks again, caseysmom, terri

  9. monica says:

    It’s that time again when we begin to plan for the “9th Annual” 2013 Missing Person National Road Tour called “ON THE ROAD TO REMEBER”, states we will be taking request from to host rally stops are Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Virginia (other states may be added if the route is close enough). The tour will run October 3rd – 12th of 2013. If interested in volunteering, hosting a stop, becoming a sponsor please contact the CUE Center for Missing Persons at (910) 232-1687, email: cuecenter@aol.com and visit the website at http://www.ncmissingpersons.org and click on the road tour tab for additional details.

  10. MaryJane says:

    Monica I just want to say thank you for the opportunity to do a stop on the 2013 tour for my sister Hope Meek. We are finally att he murder trial phase and you and your agency have been the best. You are true blessings and I can not wait to see you again this year!!

  11. Donna Hughes says:

    I watch a show called missing on ID channel and as a mom it tugs at my heart to see the pain in the parents and families hearts when a missing child is never found. I would be like a crazy nut until my kid was found. I can’t help to think they have to be somewhere they just do not vanish into thin air. Today I was looking at some trailers of some missing peope I had seen on TV so I looked them up on the computer to see if any new developments have surfaced. I pray in my heart every missing person is found. It brings me to a story on Lifetime about a mom whose son was kidnapped by his dad and eventually she found him in Mexico. She thought she lost him when she was led to a cemetary and the grave marker bared her son’s name. It was a happy ending and I forget if it was based on a true story but it was called Not my Son I think with Lisa Hartman Black.

    I also think of the 3 women in Cleveland who recently turned up alive after 10 yrs alive and well (overall). They were right under everyone’s noses. It was by the luck of the draw the door was unlocked and the child told her mom that her dad went away for awhile did Ms. Berry decide to make a break for it and she saved them all. Horrible beginning and happy ending. Etan Patz…..still missing but I think he may have been declared dead at this point but his parents will not move and leave a light on all the time in hopes he will come home. Then there were these 2 little boys who disappeared within a short time of each other, from the same park after playing with the same 2 kids and seen with the same man. Hmmmmm how can they have cleared him. Something in my mothers gut tells me he solf them or something and used the kids as bait and threatened them if they told. There was a missing woman Lisa, who disappeared one day never to be seen again and her lover was acting weird after her disappearance but it could not be proven.

    I think through the use of the internet and word of mouth some of these mussing people can be found. I love the idea of the travelling rally. It helps spread the word and also helps to bond other families together. Maybe it wont be the way we hope with joyous reunions but at least there can be closure. I do NOT have a missing child but my career by choice is working with children. I believe they all have potential. I also like people in general and think no one deserves to be taken or hurt in anyway by others for their own gratification or to cover up something they have done bad in their lives.

    Is there anything I can do from my home to help your organization help find people and bring them home? Let me know…..God Bless you all for what you do. May you find some of the missing people that either are being held against their will or worse.

  12. Jessie says:

    Hey Monica doug bechtold and our family were wondering if you guys were stopping in louisana somewhere our family would love to meet you and everyone and talk more in person about our loved one dean bechtold let us know thank you and god bless

  13. Judi Jordan says:

    I can not say enough about Monica and the CUE crew. This group of compassionate people who work harder than I ever imagined, stays on top of every detail, and at the same time, has time for the family, letting them know they are being heard, and helps in guiding them through what many have already endured first hand. My family would be lost without you Monica Caison and the rest of the crew….. Thank you George for always being there.. And Cindy and everyone for putting up with us… My family and I thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. And thank you for adding Zachary Malinowski to your tour this year. I thank God for you all every day.

  14. Susan Olsen says:


    Heard that you may possibly be coming to the Chicago are on the tour.
    I would love to host another in Maple Park,Il featuring Bradley Olsen, John Spira, Stacy Peterson, Lisa Stebic, and also include Rachel Mellon and diamond & Tionda Bradley., Jesse Ross and others in the surrounding area.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Susan Olsen, mother of missing Bradley Olsen.

  15. Mary Thweatt says:

    I wish I could help you. You will be so close to my house when you are in Fredericksburg but I will be 100 miles away taking care of my Mom. My heart is with all of you!


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