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(Georgia) -Raymond Lamar Green

Missing since: 11/06/78
Missing from: Atlanta, GA
Classification: Non Family Abduction
Date of birth: 11/01/78
Male Black
Age at disappearance: 5 days old
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

Circumstances of Disappearance:
The  composite shows what Raymond may look like at 28 years.
Raymond was abducted from his home by an unknown black female on November 6, 1978. The abductor was last seen getting into a brown vehicle. She is described as being 5’06, medium build, and she may have a mole on her left cheek. The abductor may go by the name Lisa.

Atlanta Police Department (Georgia) 1-404-658-6666

Nancy Grace’s Cold Cases- May 10, 2010
Woman hopes to find son snatched as a newborn

Forensic artist gives new hope to 1978 missing child case

After 35 years, mom gets possible break in missing son case | WSB-TV


Nov 12, 2014 – Last December, Donna Green described her 35-year search for her … to a baby boy at Grady Memorial Hospital, who she named Raymond.

After 31 years of not knowing, Donna Green could be a step closer to finding her missing child, all because of a chance meeting with world renowned forensic artist Diana Trepkov.


WILMINGTON — After 31 years of not knowing, one mother could be a step closer to finding her missing child.

A chance meeting at the CUE Center’s National Conference for missing person’s in Wilmington introduced two strangers. One of them, Donna Green, said something pushed her to make the drive from Tennessee.

“Thirty-one years ago, I was 16-years-old and I had a baby boy,” said Green.

A baby boy named Raymond born November 1, 1978. Green met the women who called herself Lisa at Grady Memorial in Atlanta just a couple days after giving birth. Lisa started a conversation with Green when she was watching her newborn through the nursery window. Lisa said she was there visiting her sister who had just given birth.

The next day, November 6, 1978, Lisa made an uninvited visit to Green’s apartment. Green let her in and then went to take a shower, leaving Lisa sitting on the couch with Raymond and Raymond’s uncle.
The baby’s uncle feel asleep and when Donna got out of the shower, the baby and Lisa vanished.

Neither Lisa or the baby were seen again.

“Her whole thing of getting to know me and befriending me was to steal my baby,” said Green.

A nightmare that lead her to families of other missing loved ones. After spending just a few minutes sitting next to each other, world renowned forensic artist Diana Trepkov knew she could help.

“She told me four pages of information and I just wrote wrote, wrote,” said Trepkov.

Memories that turned into images for the first time.

“Went to tell her some things about me and she said ‘I can help you, I can help you,’ and she went to telling me and went through the sketches and it was just amazing,” said Green.

Trepkov put those pages of information into sketches, “Her eyes, she kept saying she had nice eyes, she felt like she could trust her and Her bandana on her head was really tight. All hair was tucked in and you couldn’t see one strand of hair coming out,” said Trepkov.

A picture that turned out exactly like she remembered.

“I was numb I was numb I could not just stare and stare I was so numb but I could, it wasn’t anger, but I could feel something going on in the inside, but I couldn’t stop saying to myself ‘that’s her, that’s her,’” said Green.

Also giving her another picture she never had, a picture of baby Raymond.

“She actually made the picture of the baby, of my baby, that was amazing. I told her can I just put him in a blanket and take him home,” said Green.

The abductor, who may go by the name Lisa, is described as being 5-foot-6 with a medium build. She may have a mole on her left cheek and a scar on the right side of her face.

Lisa was last seen getting in a brown vehicle.

(Above) Diana Trepkovs sketch of Raymond’s abductor

Raymond Green- Age progressed to 31 yrs old

(Above) Raymond Green- Age progressed to 31 yrs old

If you have any information on this case please contact CUE Center For Missing Persons  at (910) 343-1131 24 hour tip line (910) 232-1687.


All information submitted to CUE Center For Missing Persons is confidential.

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