Roxanne Paltauf

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Missing Since: 07/07/06
Missing From: Austin,Texas
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date of Birth: 01/03/88
Age at Disappearance: 18
White Female
Height: 5’4
Weight: 115 pounds
Hair Color: Lt. Brown
Eye Color: Green
Identifying Characteristics: Double pierced ears, pierced navel, quarter size scar on left knee, mole on right side of neck, false upper front tooth, previously fractured nose.
Clothing: Pink or peach tank top, light blue shorts, flip-flops.
Nickname: Roxy

Circumstances of Disappearance:
Unknown. Roxanne was last seen at approximately 8:30pm at a hotel in the vicinity of I-35 and Rundberg in Austin, TX.

Investigative Agency:
Austin Police Department (Texas)
(512) 974-5250


If you have any information on this case please contact CUE Center For Missing Persons using the contact form below or contact Cue Center at (910) 343-1131 24 hour tip line (910) 232-1687.

All information submitted to CUE Center For Missing Persons is confidential.

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28 Responses to “Roxanne Paltauf”
  1. Julius says:

    well i watched I.D. on tv about this Girl and you dont have to be a genius to see that her boyriend knows what happened,

  2. Th says:

    How they have not arrested that scumbag gangbanging waste of space Louis Walls is ridiculous. It’s clear that dirtbag thug is involved.

  3. Traci says:

    ID Located with some random loser that louis hangs with. obvious that this should be pushed 1st girls do not lose ids unless partying roxanne seems semi organized. this must have been left there as a accident when loser louis probably had that guy come help him dump her body. why else would this guy scramble words when he was found with it then attempt to get it again when local cops had it by saying shes a friend… time he sees her give this back personally to her. he does not care about her bless roxannes heart she still had that things are gonna change attitude with people are all good. we all have that at 18 she had a mom that cares this makes you sheltered to the real evil some people hide. I never seen this untill around 28 yes thats old well I was half cup full kinda person. this should have been soplved many police have done this without bodys push the deaf guy heres how this happened after louis killed her the loser did not have a car he called the deaf guy who helped him & is why deaf guy freaked to get the id back it was his 1st immediate response…..fear he will break if pushed this has to be solved now it has allready lasted now her body will be different it should have been recovered the 1st couple weeks or atleast the second that idiot was located with her id

  4. Ron says:

    I watched the show on I.D. and the motel clerk claimed that she was in the room with him most of the night & corroborated his alibi but how did he know that she wouldn’t be returning to the room while this female was in the same room all night with him?????? I also believe that the guy found with her ID on his person was an accomplice to this crime…

  5. John Bie says:

    I watched the TV documentary. Roxanne and Louis Walls were staying in a seedy Budget Inn motel which very obviously was being used for prostitution. Louis was acting as a pimp selling Roxanne to Johns.

    Geoffrey Moore could have been a John and that is why Roxanne’s ID was found with him.

    Either he or Louis killed Roxanne as both are violent. If it was Louis, the motive would have been that she did not turn the money from customers to him. If it was Geofrey, it is because he becomes sadistic during sex.

    Police should pressure both.

    Louis turned over clothes to her family supposedly belonging to Roxanne’s. Turned out these were clothes more fitting to a younger girl. Could these be the clothes that Roxanne wore to turn on some Johns? DNA examination should be resorted to on these clothes to check for Roxanne’s DNA and Geofrey Moore and whoever else.

    Bad investigation here.

  6. Jay says:

    I’m from Austin Texas and I’ve all was see the posting everywhere. I just watch the I.D episode…. I’m also familiar with the runburg area. Every hotel in that area is used for prostitution and drug dealing for a fact! I believe the phone call Louis made to his ex at 8:30pm saying he was in trouble can he come stay for awhile is true. I don’t believe that she walked out and got kidnapped. The time she supposed to had left and that time of year its still day light til 930 and that area still has heavy traffic. But the only person that conveniently sees leave is the same person that spends the rest of the night with Louis. This is my theory of what happend. I think the whole storyis bull! For anyone with a little street wise could tell you what Louis is…… A broke low level dealer. Never had anything but was able to talk and convince his way on the streets. I think that Louis targeted young teens cause they are easier control. And was using roxanne as a non organize prostitute. (Trust me that’s the only reason you would want to stay in these extremelyrun down motels)Selling her to his drug buying customers and that’s where the deaf guy comes to know her and also to be one of Louis regular drug customers. Long story short….. I think somewhere along the line Louis got into deep! messed up and owed someone some big! and that weekend was a set up for her to be taken to pay off his tab.( human trafficking)

  7. Austin Rei says:

    I have been researching this case along with a few others girls who went missing around the same time frame, near the same location: how do we know what the motel clerk/manager said? I would really love a link to this information. Also, does ANYONE know the where abouts of Louis/Lewis Walls (and correct spelling of his name) or Geofrey Moore?
    You can also email me at

  8. Misty says:

    I think that Louis and his loser friend definatley did something to Roxanne. Why would the guy keep her ID? Alot of killers keep some type of token. Like a piece of clothing or jewelery, that guy kept her ID.

  9. Misty says:

    Also Louis is an abuser and bragged about killing Roxanne. He slso lied to everyone including Roxanne about his age. Why would a 28 year old man lie to be with a 16 year old girl. He was 30 when she went missing. I think this case was handled wrong.

  10. Hary says:

    I agree with Misty and John here, this case was handled very wrong. Both Louis and Geoffrey’s story are inconsistent. A part of Geofrey’s story was off from what Louis said to the police. They should had pushed those two to talk. Oh well, hope for the best I guess.

  11. Nick says:

    Just googling around, looks like Walls has recently been arrested for burglary.

    Too bad they can’t go mob style on him and take him down into a soundproof basement with a blowtorch and chainsaw. He’d talk all right.

  12. Kaysi says:

    Omg nick I thought the SAME THING! If was my kid or family member I’d have some of my big tuff cousins grab his a$$ and throw him in a dark room no one would ever find him & threaten a toe or finger to be cut off every hour you don’t tell me where she is dead or alive!! So if you did not actually do it it’d be in your best interest to figure out who did REAL QUICK!! I know sounds sadistic as well but desperate times call for desperate measures!!

  13. liz says:

    I will never stop searching for you Roxanne, sometime it seems impossible but my faith is strong, i will find you xoxox Mom

  14. DONNA says:


  15. Relly says:

    Think about this, guys:

    1) Louis Walls made calls from ROXANNE’S CELL PHONE to his EX-GIRLFRIEND. Why did he not make calls from his own cell phone? (And don’t tell me he didn’t have one. I don’t care how broke or jobless he was; if you’re a 28 year-old male involved in criminal activity, you definitely own a cell phone.) So he made calls to his ex gf from Roxanne’s phone after she “disappeared.” Well, there is your answer. He knew she was never coming back and would never find those calls made/never find the bill. If he thought she was coming back, why would he make calls to his ex on her phone? Wouldn’t he have realized she would find the bill at some point?

    2) He spend the night with another woman because he knew she was never coming back. If he thought she might come back, WHY WOULD HE HAVE ANOTHER CHICK IN THE ROOM knowing she Roxanne might come back that night?? DUH!!!

    I agree with the other poster about DNA testing/fingerprint dusting those “kid clothes” that he returned to her mother. Why did the police not do this???

    Louis killed her and Geoffrey was his accomplice. That this piece of s— is still walking around free is ASTOUNDING.

  16. Will says:

    My condolences to the family. I watched this video, and I don’t normally write comments often but feel so bad seeing this.

    Does ANYONE know how to get that lying scum “boyfriend” into the damn prison where he belongs? I DON’T THINK I’VE EVER HEARD OF ANYTHING WHERE SOMEONE WAS SO CLEARLY GUILTY OF MURDER YET *NOTHING* HAS HAPPENED TO HIM!


    I mean, they find a guy with the license of a missing woman, then him and Walls OBVIOUSLY LIE about it and nothing comes of it?

    I also find it “funny” that the hotel employee who was working that night wasn’t asked which room they were in. She knew, she was in there with him until 3 in the morning.

    Walls is –CLEARLY– a textbook psychopath (and I mean psychopath in the clinical sense, someone with absolutely no conscience who’s obsessed with controlling others, google it).

    It seemed like the cops were treating that guy with kid gloves when they SHOULD have been leaning on him with every little bit of weight they could muster.

    Walls was a hardened criminal, 28 years old. If you’re old enough to know how twisted some people can be, you know that Walls unloaded a torrent of intimidation on that 16 year old girl. She got in over her head and didn’t know how to get out. He eventually ramped things up WAY beyond what Roxanne was able to handle, and she had no idea how to tell her family about. And it ended with her disappearing. Very sad.

    It makes my blood boil to know he’s still out there. The science is getting better though, I think they’ll get him.

  17. Erica says:

    Wow this is absolutely rediculous how could they not have arrested her scum bag ex boyfriend yet I understand you need evidence but it’s never your innocent until proven guilty now a days your guilty till your price your self innocent if they had any idea or suspicion about these two men being involved they should have been brought in I don’t believe that Roxanne was prostituting just because of the area she was in that’s just rediculous I pray they find out the true story and what has happened to this beautiful young girl it’s just not right

  18. williams says:

    Why don’t he take a lie detector if he is innocent.????? Police should take him in a dark room and his friend with some tools. If they don’t want to do it let me scum bags.

  19. Sarah says:

    I usually don’t comment on sites like this, but after seeing Roxanne’s story on “Disappeared”, I just cannot stop thinking about her -such a beautiful young lady. I, too, am the big sister, & seeing her making birthday cakes for her younger siblings & hearing her mother & sister talk about her role in the family made me so very sad. I do those same things for my sissies & know all too well how important a big sister is. Liz, my heart aches for you, as well as Roxanne ‘s siblings, your extended family, & her friends.

  20. Sarah says:

    I do not wish to put down the investigators handling her case, but I wish so badly that the motel room Roxanne was staying in when she was last seen had been secured & treated as a crime scene, regardless of the fact that it had been cleaned & other people had rented it & stayed in it since. I know it had been almost a week, but any possible blood, fiber, or other evidence that may have been present then is now forever lost. As with the snafu w/the register of renters @ the motel, I am sure that good old -fashioned gumshoe detective work would have resulted in the exact room number being found out (it sounds like the motel is high -traffic;I’m sure there were people around who saw the couple entering & exiting the room).
    As far as her boyfriend Louis, from an objective perspective, I feel there are TWO REASONS he kept company with that female hotel employee the night Roxanne went missing: 1) To establish an alibi, & 2) Because he KNEW, with100% certainty (and I REALLY hate to say this) that Roxanne would not be returning.
    I think the best thing @ this point would be for Roxanne ‘s family to put pressure on Austin ‘s cold -case unit. It has now been 8 years, & if witnesses are re -interviewed, new information may come to light. People who were afraid to talk before may talk now. You never know………I really hope this family finds @ least some closure by the truth of what happened to this lovely young lady being uncovered.

  21. we love u roxanne !

  22. Stephen says:

    I just watched this case on I.D. For the first time, but remember the story from national attention it received… The boyfriend is without a doubt in my mind guilty of this!! I agree with a lot of the posters above, and I think the detectives handles this case terriblely from the start! It’s disgusting how bad they mis-handled the boy friend and the Jeffrey Moore guy… Her family seems like a good family, and we all have our issues, this girl was 18 and blinded by her boy friend, I hope they get the closure they so badly deserve, and he deserves to be executed!! If I was part of that family, I would have handled this myself and would smile everyday from my prison cell knowing I got the justice that is deserved for this poor girl and her family.

  23. Nicola says:

    I think Lewis Walls has something to do with this, considering his criminal activity. For one it seems strange that he phoned her mother the following day and asked “have you seen Roxanne?”, you would think he would ask to speak to Roxanne. Also, he doesn’t seem interested in finding her, that seems like he knows what has happened to her. Hope the police keep this case open and he gets what he deserves. Mostly hoping for closure for the family.

  24. Yaz says:

    The lead investigator is this case has failed, the police officers in this case have failed.
    Every law enforcement officer in that county has failed.
    If this case was anywhere but the USA it would have been solved within 24hrs.

    These 2 men know exactly was happened to her. It is not hard to get them talking

  25. Meg says:

    I really don’t understand the detectives/police that worked this case! I believe Lewis Walls either killed her or sold her into slavery! He is a calculating guy and abused women! I feel sorry for her family who must be deAling with so many emotions since the years have gone by! The cops on this case need to arrest Lewis! Set this beautiful young girl free and give closure to her family!

  26. Drew says:

    Are there any updates? I hope she’s still alive. Any updates on her creepy “boyfriend” Lewis/Louis Walls?

  27. Brad says:

    I cannot fathom the despair this family must have gone through over the years. Equally perplexing is why these beautiful young talented women end up with thugs and scum better fit for the sewer than civil, productive society. God Bless this girl. Damn the perp and he knows who he is.