Donnie Payne

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Missing since: 09/15/08
Missing from: Cleveland,Tennessee
Classification: Missing Endangered
Age at Disappearance: 74
Date Of Birth: 02/27/35
White Male
Height: 5’10
Weight: 125
Hair: Brown/Graying
Eyes: Brown
Clothing: Darkpants or blue jeans, plaid flannel shirt
Scars: Previous open heart surgery. Missing several front teeth

Circumstances of Disappearance
Payne was last seen  on foot collecting cans from a dumpster near Ocoee Village Apts near 2nd & Lowery Street  in Cleveland Tennessee by a resident on 09/14/08 around 11:00 A.M. A resident of the apartment building stated it was at the 3rd dumpster where he was last seen.
Payne has not been seen since. His case remains unsolved.

Donnie Lee Payne


Family Of Missing Man Expects Death

News Channel 9

Cleveland: Family offers $1,000 reward for information on missing man

Smokey Mountain Man’s Simple Life Scarred By Tragedy


Donnie Payne with his beloved Jack Russell Terrier. Donnie went missing in Sept. 2008.

At 73, Donnie Payne lived a quiet, simple life in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains in rural Cleveland, Tenn. He lived with his wife of just nine months, Hazel, and his beloved dog, a Jack Russell Terrier.

Donnie loved being outdoors, and enjoyed fishing and camping. Among his favorite places is an area known as Price’s Creek on the Hiwassee River.

Wherever he went, he was always wearing a plaid shirt, dark pants and sporting some kind of hat, and he always had his beloved dog by his side.

Like his life, his culinary tastes were simple, and preferred the local diner rather than some fancy place.

No one knows what happened to him on September 14, 2008 to make him disappear. The last anyone saw or heard from him, he was headed out to look for aluminum cans.

Law enforcement says there may or may not be foul play. They just don’t know.

Sadly, just one month after he went missing, his beloved wife Hazel died.

Several years prior to Donnie’s disappearance, there was an arson on his property, and a dear friend of his died.

Police have ruled out any connection between the persons responsible for the fire and Donnie’s disappearance.

According to members of Donnie’s family, there have been many rumors about foul play.

One is that he was killed for a mere $200 and thrown into a dumpster.

While they fear the worst, they want to know what happened to him.  They hope the right person will hear their cry for help and provide police with the information they need to solve the case.

Investigative Agency:
Bradley County Sheriffs Office ( Tennessee)
(423) 728-7339

With his great grandaughter (a great grandfather)

If you have any information on this case please contact CUE Center For Missing Persons using the contact form below or contact Cue Center at (910) 343-1131 24 hour tip line (910) 232-1687.

All information submitted to CUE Center For Missing Persons is confidential.

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