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This page is for persons who either know they were abducted, or believe they were abducted, as small children, and raised by their abductors.

It is very difficult for these people to come forward publicly for fear of retaliation from their abductor. Sometimes they don’t know where to start – they can’t remember their real name, where they were born, or anything that would help them find their family.

Find My Way Home project is to provide support, raise awareness, and provide resources to help reunite long-term abductees with their birth families. The project is inspired by someone who was abducted as a child and is still searching for her birth family.

If you have any information about these cases and believe one of these individuals COULD be your child or family member, use the contact form at the bottom of this page and refer to the case number when contacting CUE. Example: Find My Way Home-Case #1 ( Type in the “Subject” box )

Case #1

Case registered with National Center Missing Exploited Children -#1102349- DNA on file with NCMEC.

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My mother loved to sing to me. If I close my eyes really tight and think hard I remember. I remember being in one room and her in another separated by a child guard she would sing so heavenly it would ease my discomfort of her not holding me.

That was one of only a couple of memories I have from my early years. See my mother she would never hold me again. I would never hear her sing again. We didn’t share our lives together.

Sometime in the early to mid 1960’s I was ripped away from my security. The peace, joy and comfort I had with my mother were replaced with years of deceit, confusion, fear and terror. Sure I was given three squares a day like any inmate would receive. There was a roof over my head and clothes on my back, but it was never home. Not my home. I was abducted.

I long for the day I can go home. It’s been over forty-five years but my desire is as strong now, as it was when I was torn from my mothers love.

The name Lisa is of a pretend friend of mine from childhood. Why Lisa? Could Lisa be my name? The difference in my story is that I’m living, breathing and desperately seeking to find my way home. Can you help me?

I could have been from anywhere in the United States, East Coast, West Coast, or Canada. Anywhere is possible.

Here is what I look like today, my stats:

•Age: (approx) 49
•Hair: Brown
•Eyes: Blue
•Height: 5’9
•Birthmarks/ scars: scar on inside lower right leg
•Health conditions: Asthma, Allergies, Tooth with no adult tooth underneath, high blood pressure, diabetes

If you have any information on any case on this page, please contact CUE Center For Missing Persons using the contact form below or contact Cue Center at (910) 343-1131 24 hour tip line (910) 232-1687.




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