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Missing Persons National Round Table Conference 2010
In March the CUE Center for Missing Persons will host its 6th annual “National Round Table Conference”, bringing people from across nation together once more to aid in national awareness of missing people.


Who Should Attend?

Families of the Missing
Non Profit Organizations and Organizations Alike
Advocates for Missing Persons and Crime Victims
Private Investigators
Law Officials
Coroners and Death Investigators
Search and Rescue/Recovery Teams
Public and Social Agencies
Counselor Services, Trauma/Grief
Volunteer and Community Leaders seeking professional training

The event will focus on improving communication among agencies, learning about each other’s services, exchanging ideas, and creating a unified support system for victims. The conference will also feature professional education/training/techniques, advanced technology, advocacy, investigation and exploring other aspects of missing person cases.

Our primary focus is to offer a safe place for those who suffer a missing loved one and educate those who work daily for missing persons, the search thereof. The conference promises all attendees to be informative, presenting new technology and offer ideas to make a difference in the way missing person cases are handled. Our main stream goal is to provide resources and technique in locating the missing and or lost.

All attendees will receive a certificate for each training session from various agencies and a plaque from the conference in general. Rooms and meals will be provided by the host “CUE Center for Missing Persons and covered by your registration fee. Transportation for arrival and departures from Wilmington airport will be provided. This event will be powerful and we hope you will make plans to participate.

Information will be updated often on training, speakers and other activities; please request a registration form; you can RSVP now with the online registration form, as space will be limited.

For more information please contact the CUE Center (910) 343-1131
Email CUE:

Thanking you in advance for your much-needed participation in this important event.

National Round Table Conference Goals:

  • Sharing a trained and professional view for solving cold case and search there of; missing persons
  • Understanding the resources available to be deployed when needed, what their capabilities are and how to obtain them.
  • Exploring the relevant positive and negative experiences of people who have experienced a missing loved one.
  • Creating new approaches to missing persons cases, and effectively deploying available resources; building communication and support
  • Developing a high-level view of the modifications needed to our current resources and organizational community over the next five years.