Search for Samantha Burns

March 23, 2009 by  
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old-site-259 In January of 2009 CUE’s founder, Monica Caison received a package from an inmate after he reached out wanting to bring two missing woman home; Mrs. Caison responded. The package contained a letter, photos and a map with the inmate instructions on where he recalled leaving Alice Donovan’s body in November of 2002. Immediate action was taken in contacts and preparation was soon underway for the next morning to search for the South Carolina missing woman. In the first six hours of the drenching rain search effort human remains were discovered and for the next four days to follow brought more discovery for the organization, law officials and FBI working together. DNA awaits the proper identity, however it is our belief that we successfully brought Mrs. Donovan home.

In March of 2009 a similar package arrived and similar information, however bringing our center to West Virginia for a young girl named Samantha Burns, missing also in November of 2002 and also a part of the crime spree this inmate created after his escape from an Kentucky jail of that same time frame. But CUE was not as hopeful as the information was cloudy at best and the area being an entire highway. After sixteen day of extensive search efforts we have still not brought “Sam” home but remain determined in doing so for her family and case resolution.