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The Searcher-Monica Caison

The Searcher follows the case work and life of renowned Searcher and Advocate Monica Caison as she tirelessly dedicates her life to the Recovery of Missing Persons and gives support to the Families and Community directly involved. She works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The main hotline to the CUE Center goes directly to her cell phone, which she picks up no matter what.

Each week, the show will not only highlight a Missing Persons case file but will also take us on location – to see our Searcher team in action and give us a behind the scenes, fly-on-the-wall perspective of the one-woman powerhouse that Monica Caison is – on and off the search. She involves the Families of the Missing as well, giving a face and a heart outside of what’s strictly covered in the flash of media.

Monica and Heidi

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5 Responses to “Monica Caison: The Searcher”
  1. Karen Popka says:

    Miss Monica took time with me to conduct a phone interview. I am a Criminal Justice major writing my Senior Research Project paper. She was very informative and provided excellent incite into police effectiveness with regard to missing children cases.

    After all the research I have found regarding this topic, I found Miss Monica’s knowledge to be very current.

    My hope is that this series will provide the public with more incite into the problems, and the passion, that Miss Monica has for this national issue.

  2. Wolfscratch says:

    Monica Caison says, “I can’t promise you that I will find your loved one, but I can promise you that you will get 100% of me”! …. Wolfscratch

  3. melissa says:


    YOU GO GIRL!!! I am working with a group right now looking into this work. I can only hope we are as devoted and commited to those who need us as your team has been. Sending much love and encouragement!!! Don’t ever stop fighting for Justice!!

    Love you!!

    Melissa Lynn Gilbert


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